It started out like any other day at a Starbucks in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Barista Logan Norris was working the drive-thru when a customer offered to buy coffee for the strangers behind him in line. Paying it forward isn’t a new concept, but the number of people who kept this going was impressive.

“They like… just felt like joy,” explains Norris. “And they were like, ‘that’s so awesome of them,’ so they just wanted to do the exact same thing.” He even kept the chain of kindness going when a customer didn’t feel like doing it for the next customer, stepping up to pay for it himself a few times.

Customer after customer kept buying the coffee for the person behind them, until at least 160 had paid it forward, according to barista Shelly Papa. She says it was the longest chain they’ve had of the generous gestures. Think of all those people who had a better day because of the kindness of a stranger!

Source: CBS Pittsburgh