I think kids have become immune to tarnished stars. That may not be true for adults. When the All American golfer Tiger Woods fell from grace, I know grown-ups that still won't even watch golf if he is in the tournament. A-Rod, Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Pete Rose and now Lance Armstrong are on the do not watch list.

How could they disappoint the kids? Hold on the kids have grown up with the stars that have been to re-hab and or otherwise cheated the so called pure world of sports. It's the adults who still can't believe smart people would throw away their accomplishments for even bigger accomplishments.

I suggest the answer is found in what mother used to say? "Would you jump out the window just because everyone else is doing it?" Yeh I guess I would. When you look at the highest level of athleticism everyone is trying to get an edge.

The problem with enhancing your body, is no one has been able to explain what is allowed. Students grow up going to the health food store and picking up supplements to get bigger, they get to the next level and they need to get even bigger and faster.

It's not such a stretch for a young athlete to understand that Lance Armstrong needed an edge. The conundrum for society is to figure out what is allowed?

Are steroids always bad, no sometimes they are used to help with healing. Should collecting and transfusing your own blood be verboten, after all it's your own blood a natural substance. Until we can agree on the rules more athletes will disappoint adults. Personally I think the kids have come to expect disappointment from adults.

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