Do polititians and their spouses live under different rules than the rest of us? How do you explain the patience of Huma Abadin, wife of former Congressman and current Democratic primary front runner Anthony Weiner.  Mrs. Weiner was humiliated once before when the disgraced Congressman stood before the media and admitted to "Sexting" (sending sexually explicit messages and photos of himself to other women,) when he resigned from Congress. The couple has said they went through therapy and worked on their marriage before Weiner decided to throw his hat in the ring to be the next Mayor for the City of New York. It now turns out that Anthony Weiner was Sexting with a 22 year old woman a year after his fall from grace, and months before he announced his candidacy in New York. And like DeJa vu there were the Weiners once again exposed to the harsh spotlight of the news media explaining why voters in New York should be as understanding as Huma, who was aware of the latest revelations before the news broke. But what do these allegations say about Anthony Weiner's judgement and his mental make-up.  What does it tell us about a man who would not only have to leave office in disgrace and put his family through such public humiliation once, but to step back into the spotlight and expose them to more scrutiny and embarrassment. That, to me speaks of a man with an out of control ego, (or alter ego, Carlos Danger) who is so focused on his political comeback that he can't see that his family is being dragged though the mud with him.  I'd say the fire is too hot, this Weiner is done.