Bob Hagan was on the show today taking calls for three hours about the probe of fracking water discharged into the storm drain near D and L headquarters on Salt Springs Road.  I think most people support the fracking that will take place in our area and the all that will come from it, like jobs and an economic shot in the arm for the area.  However, it must be done with the rules followed for the health and future of our town.  To dump this fluid into the storm drain with it makings it way to the Mahoning river and the effect it can have on the river as well as those down river that get drinking water out of the river is a crime.  Those who could do this and cause this type of total disregard for public saftey need to be fined and put in prison...they do know better and chose to do it anyway.  Let us look at the laws and make sure they are tough enough on crimes like this and who is the lead agency to seek justice.  Let us take a look at the tax in other energy states, higher than the one Gov. Kasich's has proposed today.  We then should use this money to hire people to inspect the well casings, wells, and other thing to make sure corners are not cut to hurt the community.  Let us use some of this money to rebuild are local state funds that have been cut to schools and townships or cities.  Let us use some of this money to lower our taxes so that we all enjoy a perk of this great energy boom for our area.  We will keep you updated on what is going on so tune into the show