Mid April and snow little showers! Hi everybody..man we just can't get away from Ole' Man Winter. Just a day or so ago we had snow!! Our Daytona Bike week getaway almost seems like we never went :(

I have just come off one of the worst events I've ever entered in motorcycling and that was the Fly, Ohio Trials event. It rained the entire day before rendering the course a muddy quagmire…I was not able to transverse the course at all. I did not have the skill set necessary and many veterans including experts found that this was one of the most difficult courses they ever rode! To say  was humbled is an understatement…I DNF'd that has never happened even in the Knaepper Woods Adventure Rides I managed to finish..

I've made some changes to the bike. Handlebars, lightened clutch springs, brass flywheel weight..trying to get the bike to "feel" better for me. Really that’s what it's about. The bike has to be comfortable for me. If I have confidence in the bike then I'm liable to do well with it.

May begins the rally season in earnest! I look forward to trying to marriage the trials, road racing and rallying..I now have a calendar that I write all events down in order to decide which ones I need to attend. July is the worst month. Every weekend in July is tied up. It is going to be crazy!

I almost finished with my 1990Yamaha YSR 50 road racer. The cylinder was ported by Calamari Racing in California, Bore Tech handled the bore and hone and Wiseco was my piston of choice for the 57cc displacement. This looks like fun and I am hoping to practice in Pittsburgh mid week.

Stay tuned for an exciting message from me in the coming weeks…it involves one of our own!

Hang in There and see you down the road!