Hi everybody!  Yes I know it's been a while since I've written something but I have to tell you as we got into May my world starting going crazy. If it isn't racing then it's, rallying or covering special events. Nothing has changed in June and I expect every weekend to be filled in July and I'll get to that in a minute but I'd like to take you back to June 9th.

I had the opportunity to attend the Pre-Party, premiere showing of the John Penton Story and the Post Party all set in the most grandest setting…the Ohio Theatre at the Playhouse Square downtown Cleveland! The Pre Party allowed me to rub elbows with motorcycling legends like Ed Youngblood and Dave Despain and the entire Penton family, Paul Danik, Al Buener and a host of others. Good finger food and a nice Captain Morgan and Coke and I am ready for the movie!

Penton..The John Penton Story was a lifetime in the making and a year in creating. As I sat in the theatre wondering if the movie would fulfill my expectations, hoping that it would be good rather than a dull hour and a half than no one would care about…well it MET EVERY EXPECTATION  and it even had a killer ending! I was so happy to be among the many who love , admire and revel in the knowledge that I was part of something that only may come around once in my lifetime. The John Penton Story, even if you aren't into motorcycling you will enjoy the films theme of one man and  his family, overcoming what life throws at them, persevering, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat…this movie has it all. I predict it will become an ICONIC MOVIE much the same as On Any Sunday. God Bless the Pentons and thank you John for all you have done for motorcycling and those who have been privileged to share in your life!

Jerry Young (hat) with Dave Despain (L) and Paul Danik (R)

Last weekend saw the entire Tri-State area turn its attention to the Northeastern Ohio area as the Steel Valley Super Nationals came to Quaker City Raceway Park. Local promoter Corey Ward rocked the entire three days with drag racing, car cruises, car shows and of course what many are saying was the Outdoor Concerts of the Year… Vince Neil on Friday night and Bret Michaels on Saturday night. Kudos to Michael Hudock and Stadium GM Superstore a longtime sponsor of the Super Nats. You couldn't miss their huge banner that stretched across the top of the stage! Friday nights drizzle kept the crowds down a little but Saturday's good weather saw thousands in attendance for Saturday night's Bret Michaels concert! Sunday night's culmination of the Cruise wound up at the Austintown Quaker Steak and Lube. I have never seen a larger crowd in my life at the Lube! Kudos to Corey Ward and his partners .

I just purchased a 2012 new but non current 250 Ninja because I like the looks. My purchases have been Corbin seat, final drive gear changes from 14/45 to 15/41 to lower rpm's on highway travel, I also added Snider's Paint Savers to tank and tail sections to keep scratches at bay and a neat little throttle locking device that cost 20 bucks not $120 and it works. Slips over grip and you simply move it down with your index finger to hold the throttle open. Inexpensive but it works as good as any throttle lock out there!

 I mentioned how crazy June and July is. I just finished up participating in the eastern Ohio Mini Championships held at Pittsburgh International Raceway just outside of Wampum , Pa. Tons of fun racing Honda XR 100's. 30 bikes gridded in my class, I finished like 25th but based on some questionable riding tactics from out of state riders I felt fortunate that I wasn't one of the three of four get offs during the race! Check out the website at www.ohiominigp.com

Every weekend in July is packed. Starting with the 4th of July to the Vintage Motorcycle Days  at Mid Ohio to the Wauseon Flat Track racing and Swap meet to Buckeye Super Bike week to our local Western Reserve Motorcycle Club events…I think there's something for everyone out there!

 Don't forget anywhere in the country you can listen to the show just download the IHEART Radio App put www.570wkbn.com as your station selection and you can listen to us anywhere coast to coast!

Please make a plan to check the vitals on your bike before each ride. Mirrors set correctly? Tire pressure correct? Front and Rear brakes and of course tires all in good working order? Well what about ATGATT? All the gear, all the time. Don't need  hate mail on this but I am a believer in wearing a helmet that fits and of good quality, a jacket with armor in it, long pants, leather gloves and over the ankle boots. Yeah if you hit a tree at 50 mph you probably die with or without a helmet but if you hit the pavement rather than being a vegetable and a burden with a brain injury you could recovery and lead a good life. I'm selfish… I want to keep all of my listeners alive that’s why practically each segment we do the Ray Gollans' Street Riding Strategies segment.