The Dan Rivers Show for Tuesday March 14, 2017

PROSECUTOR CHARGES NEW MICHAEL BROWN VIDEO DISTORTS WHAT HAPPENED: Saint Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch on Monday (March 13th) criticized the portrayal of store surveillance footage in a new documentary about the 2014 fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, charging that it is heavily-edited and distorts what happened at the store several hours before Brown was killed. He alleged that it was, quote, "clearly an attempt to distort this and turn it into something it isn't." Stranger Fruit filmmaker Jason Pollock has said that the footage, which hadn't been seen publicly before, shows Brown at around 1 a.m. on the day he was killed trading a small amount of marijuana with the store clerks for some cigarillos, and then leaving them behind the counter. He said that contradicts the portrayal of Brown having robbed the cigarillos hours later, shortly before he was shot in a confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson, claiming that he instead took the cigarillos he'd left. But McCulloch disputed that and released the full video of the 1 a.m. incident, which he said showed Brown trying to make the marijuana-for-cigarillos barter, but the clerks refusing, and then putting the cigarillos back on the shelf. Pollock, however, wasn't giving in, standing by his framing of the video, and calling McCulloch a "master of deception."

  • Wilson wasn't indicted by a St. Louis County grand jury, and the U.S. Department of Justice cleared him of wrongdoing.


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THINGS THAT MAKE PEOPLE LOSE THEIR COOL (Goldsmiths University/ Daily Mail)A poll of an undisclosed number of people reveals things that make them 'lose their nice':

  • 73% rudeness
  • 59% losing an important item or document
  • 57% bad service
  • 54% discourteous or inconsiderate behavior
  • 53% forgetting about an important event 
  • 47% noised based stresses
  • 45% confrontation
  • 39% frustrating time-based situations
  • 26% acute stress
  • 9% high-pressure scenarios


  • What is one thing that makes you lose your cool almost instantly?
  • What is the most frustrating part of your typical commute or work day?
  • Which is worse: if a person doesn't hold the door for you when you're leaving a restaurant, or when you're in a long line and someone cuts in front of you?

AMERICANS ON PARTICIPATED IN A MARCH MADNESS OFFICE POOL (Randstad US/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,200 U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • 89% agree office pools help build better team camaraderie (with 58% strongly agreeing)
  • 84% of office workers say participating in office pools go a long way to make their jobs more enjoyable
  • 79% agree that participating in office pools greatly improves their levels of engagement at work
  • 73% of workers agree they look forward to going to work more when they participate in office pools
  • 50% of employees meet up with coworkers after work to watch a college basketball game in March
  • 39% said they became closer with a coworker after participating in an office pool
  • 76% admit they checked March Madness scores during work hours
  • 53% watched or followed sporting events on their computers while at work

'NICE' ACTIONS PEOPLE SAY THEY DO OFTEN (Goldsmiths University/ Daily Mail)A poll of an undisclosed number of people reveals things they say they do often/whenever they can that are nice behaviors:

  • 83% give directions to a stranger
  • 80% delay an elevator and hold the door for strangers
  • 79% give their seat on the bus/train to an elderly or pregnant lady
  • 65% buy 'charity' Christmas cards deliberately because you know it is a good cause
  • 63% donate time or money to a charitable cause
  • 49% help a colleague or classmate I don't know well with an assignment if I have more knowledge than them
  • 41% volunteer to look after a neighbor or friend's pets or children
  • 33% help someone carry heavy bags
  • 31% sacrifice an old birthday or wedding present for a charity donation
  • 31% let a neighbor who I didn't know well borrow an item or some value
  • 28% help someone cross the road
  • 23% donate blood
  • 22% help an acquaintance move 
  • 17% give money to a stranger who asks for it

HOW OFTEN DO YOU EAT AT RESTAURANTS? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,500 people reveals how often they eat out at restaurants:

  • 43% couple times a month
  • 27% once a week
  • 4% everyday
  • 17% N/A
  • 9% other