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WHICH SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS USING? (Success Communications Group/ PR Newswire)A poll of 333 college and high school students reveals the following:

  • 95% say they use the three major social media platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook)
  • 88% say they use Instagram and Snapchat often
  • 81% say they use Facebook often
  • 67% say they use Twitter, and under 50% use Twitter often
  • 78% say they use Snapchat daily
  • 76% use Instagram daily
  • 66% use Facebook daily
  • 71% say they use Snapchat six times per day
  • 51% say they are on Snapchat 11 times per day
  • When it comes to Snapchat use, 90% say they are most interested in keeping in touch with friends on the service, and 56.8% like sharing and creating videos, images and stories


  • If you could only advise a young person to keep one thing off social media, what would you say?
  • What do you think the the worst part of growing up in the time of social media?
  • Do you hesitate to wear an outfit out more than once because of social media, or not really?

THINGS MEN AND WOMEN SEEK FINANCIAL ADVICE ON (Country Financial/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,000 U.S. adults reveals the differences between how men and women seek advice on financial matters:

  • 80% of all Americans have sought financial advice on any topic (85% of men, 76% of women)
  • 41% of all Americans have sought financial advice retirement planning (45% of men, 37% of women)
  • 38% of all Americans have sought financial advice on tax related matters (42% of men, 34% of women)
  • 32% of all Americans have sought financial advice on insurance (39% of men, 27% of women)
  • 30% of all Americans have sought financial advice on savings (32% of men, 28% of women)
  • 26% of all Americans have sought financial advice on large personal purchases (27% of men, 25% of women)
  • 20% of all Americans have NEVER sought financial advice (15% of men, 24% of women)

HOW MANY ANIMALS HAVE YOU ADOPTED IN YOUR LIFETIME? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,900 people reveals how many pets they've adopted in their lifetime:

  • 15% one pet
  • 11% five pets
  • 11% two pets
  • 9% three pets
  • 6% four pets
  • 6% other
  • 41% N/A

HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU SPEND ON YOUR PETS MONTHLY? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,900 people reveals how much they spend on their pets each month:

  • 19% under $50
  • 14% $50-$75
  • 10% $75-$100
  • 8% $100-$150
  • 6% $150-$200
  • 3% $200-$300
  • 2% $300+
  • 37% N/A
  • 2% other