Good News: Girls Shave Their Heads To Support Mom In Chemotherapy


A pair of sisters in Louisiana who wanted to make sure their mom felt supported after she lost her hair to breast cancer have shaved their heads to be like mom. Joanna McPherson is battling the disease with chemo and other treatments, so she was losing her hair a little at a time and then she decided to shave it all off to make it easier. Not long after, her daughters, 10-year-old Kayla and seven-year-old Sophia, decided they wanted to take the plunge too.

The sisters asked their dad for permission to shave their heads and he agreed to it, thinking they’d change their minds. But they held onto the desire to support their mom, so dad got the clippers out and buzzed off his little girls’ hair. They’re happy with their choice and their haircuts and say it’s the least they could do for their mom.

McPherson understands that it’s tough to see someone you love go through pain and changes to their body and she thinks maybe her daughters’ sharing bald heads with her helps them manage what they’re dealing with during her illness. “It was really just a gesture of love,” she says. “And even though they’re young and it seems like a big decision for a young kid to make, it was out of love.”

Source: Inside Edition

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