Ohio Senate Candidates debate at Wilberforce and here is my ranking

In Ohio, we have a chance to send Tim Ryan into the Washington Bureaucracy where he can practice his far-left politics maybe in Northern Virginia or Maryland as lobbyist.  

Tim will eventually be able to surround himself with Pro Choice, No Border control liberals where he will feel right at home. Tim was against the police, in signing on to a letter revoking their qualified immunity before he supported them. Refer to the well documented letter from former Youngstown Police Chief Robbin Lees. Tim will be free to pursue his far-left agenda away from his Youngstown roots which he dug up years ago.

 The Republicans have a deep field of candidates, all of them would be formidable competition for Congressman Tim Ryan. They appeared on a well conducted debate from Wilberforce and here is how I rank them thus far:

# 1 

JD Vance author of Hillbilly Eulogy and the most comfortable person on stage. JD checks all the boxes, military service, education, overcoming a hard start to life, well-financed, darling of Fox News and the man who made peace with Trump, after declaring himself a never Trumper 6 years ago.

# 2 

Josh Mandel, former Ohio Treasurer, and a tough talking Marine who served in Iraq, and my early favorite. Josh always looks like he's spoiling for a fight and would make mincemeat out of Tim Ryan.

# 3

Matt Dolan, State Senator but, still fighting the ghost of Chief Wahoo. He may never be forgiven for changing the name of the Cleveland Indians. He speaks well and looks the part of man who would play well in the U.S. senate. His pro-choice position may hurt him in a state that is knocking on the heartbeat door. Dolan started late but is moving up. 

# 4

Mark Pukita- A Dublin Ohio Businessman, tough talking conservative in every way. He reminds me of Jack Nicholson "You can't handle the truth". Pukita would give Josh Mandel a run for toughest guy in the race. His campaign calling card, is a pen that doubles as a small baseball bat. Pukita once told me he is probably once and done in the world of politics if not successful. Pukita is well funded and has good ideas, but little name recognition. 


Mike Gibbons is a Cleveland businessman, Economist, Professor, Entrepeneur and a man who can make it rain. Gibbons is a good candidate in a Republican field of incredible candidates. Despite millions spent Gibbons has not become a household name. 

# 6

Jane Timken is a former Ohio Republican Chairperson, who has an enviable record in delivering Ohio for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Auditor and secretary of state. Under her guidance, Trump won 82 of 88 counties. Despite her sparkling record in state politics Jane seems to be stuck with the same talking points the boys are espousing, but she is not delivering them as well. Jane would still be a formidable candidate against Tim Ryan but at this point the other candidates are stronger. 


Neil Pattel is a well-intentioned immigrant to be lauded for competing in one of the toughest races in nation, but he will always struggle due to English not being his first language.

In Summary:

It's important that we select a candidate that will serve Ohio and the country well, but one that pound home the liberal positions that Tim Ryan has taken regarding abortion, gun rights, soft on border security, spotty record on the Youngstown economy, out of control crime, inflation, energy, and all liberal Biden disasters. The Republican candidate must bring home the words of Tim Ryan that a Trump economy would tank, turns out he had the wrong candidate.  

Dan Rivers

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