You are being lied to about the Florida Parent protection law.

The next time you attend a lecture, if you hear something you don't like approach the Podium, and with an open hand slap the speaker in the face, the calmly return to your seat. 

It sounds radical but until recently a teacher asking kindergartners if they are boys, girls, or none of the above never occurred.

Our corrupt media and teaching cadre are pushing these radical ideas for students as young as 5 are asking about the tot's gender. 

It sounds like Lunacy, but it is occurring. The idiot Oscar hosts led by Wanda Sykes said, " for you folks in Florida were going to have a gay night". She got bill laughs from the audience who never read the bill. The lemmings in the audience cheered not knowing that the Florida HB1557 bill says nothing about being Gay. The word Gay is not in the bill. 

The bill is about empowering parents to send their children to school without the fear of them being sexualized. The bill was put forth by a cross section of legislators who supported the bill. Yes, both Democrats and Republicans realize children should not be subjected to sexual interrogation. 

The bill is to keep transgenderism from being pushed in school. These people want transgenderism to be part of the curriculum. 

Disney Florida is a vocal opponent of the bill, and they send cruise ships to the county of Dominica which by the way that criminalizes and punishes the Gay community. Yes, they jail homosexuals.

The Florida Bill does not even have the name "Gay" in it. These people are crazy and must be called out. I don't know their agenda, but it seems they are trying to make America a weak questioning country, and they are starting with your kids.

We used to go to school to lean Communication, Science and Mathematics. These courses now take a back seat to probing whether you are a girl or boy? 

Dan Rivers

9a to noon

570 WKBN

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