Will Smith enjoys special status.

Not to go off the high dive, but Will Smith just set the new norm. In a year where we have been trying to live with the new normal, Smith just set a new standard, if you don't like what you hear approach the podium.

Now you know why the judges tend to sit higher and are protected by lots of Walnut and Cherry. The judges "Set" has a purpose-keep the miscreant at an arm's length. Should someone get past the bailiff the judge still has the high ground and a back door.

The next time you are asked to address the Rotary, Garden Club, or monthly meeting of the democrats of Mahoning Valley (do they still exist, they may be on the endangered species list) make sure you know where the door is and take along a friend, the size of Ed Muransky. 

Will Smith just reminded us all, we are on our own. Most of us won't have the same protection Chris Rock thought he had. The un-written rule is that comedians, commentators, and entertainers have latitude when it comes to big targets like the Hollywood elite, jokes are a sign you are well known enough to garner recognition. Jada Smith recently said she enjoyed her baldness.  

The Paradyme of comedic targets changed when Will Smith decided to approach the podium and attack Chris Rock. Can you believe Will Smith slapped down Chris Rock on national TV. Don't you try this ,on your next lecture, you will be tackled, cuffed, and booked. 

Will Smith has special status to do as he pleases, normal behavior is whatever he makes it. I repeat you cannot do this; Will Smith is a celebrity in which all actions will be forgiven, and he will get the obligatory standing. Will Smith, hell, I think he has white privilege too. I heard he has two cars and goes to the gym.

It should be clear to you now, the divisions of class, Will Smith is in the ruling class you are in the underclass. Will Smith can do as he pleases, you will be jailed for the same behavior. Any questions?

Dan Rivers

570 WKBN

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