The insanity of protecting Ukraine's border and leaving our open

Thus far our contribution to the Ukraine war is nearing $60 billion, that’s $60 billion to protect the integrity of a European nation borders.  

A European nation gets $60 billion while our own southern border endures an invasion of people from more than 200 countries. We are not at all interested in stopping that invasion. How has the Biden Administration allowed this to happen?

Who would consider the expenditure of $60 billion for Ukraine when we have an invasion on our own southern border?

This is more of the "Tim and Joe show".

Tim Ryan and Joe Biden oversee a porous border bringing as many low-income voters as possible to our shores that will be dependent upon the Democrat party. They are banking on converting the immigrants into reliable democrat voters.

This is a cynical look at America, Joe Biden, Tim Ryan, and the rest of the Democrats have overseen a surge of nearly 2,000,000 people coming across our southern border from over 200 countries. 

The border patrol is getting ready for the next surge in two weeks when title 42 ends. People will no longer be stopped from coming across our border that present themselves with a communicable disease. 

We are just on the edge of getting rid of a pandemic that could easily reemerge, yet the cynical Biden administration still insists on masks, and we are about to allow hordes of people to surge on our Southern border and enter the U.S. 

The number $10 billion has been touted to build a wall on the entire Southern Border which when completed would have been foolproof and impenetrable, yet we can’t even spend $10 billion on our own security. The Tim and Joe show is willing to spend nearly $60 billion for the defense of the Ukrainian border.

These lunatics must be stopped, you can never vote for a Democrat.

In any other arena this would be considered high, comedy spending 60 billion to take care of someone else’s border and you allow your own border to be overrun.

You could only say that they want to change the makeup of America and by the way, this happens to be your country. You are a taxpayer and owner. I cannot imagine any red-blooded American thinking that the Biden administration has any interest in preserving the integrity of the border or culture.

They started their reign by knocking out 42,000 jobs in the keystone pipeline. The Pipeline would provide 800,000 barrels of oil per day if operational. The result of the Joe and Tim show is that we are now looking at gasoline in Youngstown at $4.20 a gallon.

Think about it, an administration that will spend 60 billion to defend the Ukrainian border and allow its own to be completely open, and an administration that stops a pipeline that would have provided needed gasoline and diesel fuel plus jobs should be thrown out immediately. 

I am talking about impeachment for dereliction of duty. In 16 months they have changed our country from one that was thriving to a country scrounging for baby formula. 

Dan Rivers

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