Did you get the neighborhood voting guide

Did any of you get a letter from Hebron road in Heath Ohio. Heath is just outside Newark in central Ohio. The envelope contains the headline "For this election do your civic duty and vote for the candidate not the party".

The inside cover notes your address and your neighborhood with the headline "Do you and your neighbors typically vote for the party or the person?" It gives the entire neighborhood a grade, in this case C-. The upcoming general election is yet to be determined and left blank. Moving on it directs you to other Ohio Neighborhood voting grades.

It goes on to list other neighborhood members Shana, Julie, Ernest, Roy, Janet and Ron. They received grades of C+ D C+ B+ C- A- and A. The disclaimer says the data comes from publicly available neighborhoods precinct election results. It tells you how you be removed from the mailing list. It claims to be paid for by the "Center for Essential Information, not authorized by any candidate or Committee.

The Cover letter in part tells the recipient that most Americans vote for candidates from both parties, but some keep blindly voting on party alone. We're sending you this letter to publicize which nearby neighborhoods actually vote for candidates from both parties. You get A for crossing lines, and F for voting along party lines. "These scores reflect the real voting records of your neighborhood." 

The conclude by saying "After the November general election we intend to mail you an updated chart so you will be informed on how your neighbors voted. So don't be a party voter and vote for both parties this election day."

How would this group know how your neighborhood voted? Is their intention laudable, getting you to vote across party lines. Can this information be accurate? They note first and last names and give you a letter grade on your vote. 

Why not just send a letter and remind people to vote across party lines. Why attempt to cow you into doing what your neighbors do? If the intention is Honorable, this seems like a nosey way to go about it. Since when do you get a letter grade for how you voted?

Dan Rivers

570 WKBN

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