Commentary the Case for JD Vance

What is the case for JD Vance? What is the unique selling point for JD Vance. It comes down to transparency. JD Vance is comfortable with the commonsense positions he has taken. God, Family, Country, Culture, language borders. JD Vance defends the unborn, served his country and proudly defends his positions. JD is proudly Christian/ Catholic.

Tim Ryan, who we have known for a long time, has run away from Ohio values and the basic "Life" tenets of the Catholic Church. He now finds himself in a position where he has to divorce himself even if temporarily from cultural issues, because they don't play well in Ohio. Tim Ryan from the beginning of the campaign has used his TV time to tell Ohioan's he is a conservative member of congress who has supported President Trump in the past. Have you ever heard President Trump thank Tim for his support?

Why would Tim Ryan have to sell Ohioans on his conservatism? If he were really conservative, wouldn't voters know it? People would say "Yeh that's the democrat that backs Dondald Trump and stands up to his own party". If Tim Ryan really backed Trump, he would not have voted against Trumps border wall.

If Tim Ryan were conservative, he would not have voted for the women's equality bill. The bill effectively allows Trans men to compete in women's sports. If a school is non-compliant, they have been threatened with the loss of school lunch subsidies. In addition, your daughters may be competing in volleyball, swimming, track and field with biological males. Ask the Kentucky swimmer how that worked out for her, when she was soundly beaten by a 6'4" trans man. 

If Tim Ryan was really the conservative, he now plays on TV he would be able to say at what point a baby can no longer be aborted. Tim can only say "it's up to the woman" . Taken to its logical end, that means a baby can be aborted in,Tims world, at any point. Babies are fully formed and feel pain at 15 weeks. Aborting beyond 15 weeks puts the United States in the same company as North Korea, China and Russia.

If Tim Ryan were really the conservative, we wouldn't have to sit thru videos of Tim telling the ACLU interviewer he would be for getting rid of cash bond for those charged with a crime. 

Tim says he is conservative on TV commercials, but to the ACLU he said he would like to see all decriminalized. Tim didn't say which ones and when pressed he said we shouldn't be keeping people in jail for smoking a joint. Tim, we stopped doing those years ago.

TV Tim told his Zoom audience, when pressed on his devotion to culture, that culture does not play well in Ohio However, when he gets back to DC he said "you know me I always support your cause" as he responded to a woman who said she was from the gay queer crowd.

If Tim Ryan were a conservative democrat, would he have signed a letter saying the leading cause of the black men's death are the police. Our own police chief Robin Lees took umbrage with that remark calling Tim's letter false on its face.

If Tim Ryan were a conservative, he would not have signed a letter, asking that everyone over the age of 16 be given $ 2000 per month during Covid. Look it up, he really wanted to give everyone over 16 Two thousand a month. It would have cost 6 trillion a year. Do the math it's a laughable proposal. 

Give Vance a chance, he has been forthright in his campaign. Vance is Pro Life, Vance served his country in the Marine Corp. He put himself in harms way in Iraq. Vance earned the GI Bill college credits allowing him to attend Ohio State. He matriculated to Yale where he earned a law degree and sat for the Bar. He wrote a best seller, "Hillbilly Elegy, and turned it into a hit movie. He went to work in the private sector. 

Vance impressed as he raised millions in private equity while working for Peter Teil. Vance, said he was a never Trumper, but changed his position and won the support of 45. JD Vance bested a strong field of primary candidates including Josh Mandel, Jane Timken, and Matt Dolan. 

The choice is clear, Tim Ryan had to spend millions on TV to convince his fellow Ohioans that he is a good ole boy from the Valley but votes like he is liberal from the San Fernando Valley. Give Vance a chance, his image didn't have to be changed for TV. 

Dan Rivers

570 WKBN

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