The case for JD Vance Ohio Senator

What is the case for JD Vance? It comes down to transparency. JD Vance is comfortable with the commonsense positions he has taken. God, Family, Country, Culture, borders. JD Vance defends the unborn, served his country and proudly defends his positions. JD is Christian/ Catholic.

Tim for his support?

Trump and stands up against his own party". If Tim Ryan really backed Trump, he would not have voted against Trumps border wall, but he did.If Tim Ryan were conservative, he would not have voted for the women's equality bill. The bill effectively allows Trans men to compete in women's sports. If a school is non-compliant, they have been threatened with the loss of school lunch subsidies and other federal benefits. Your daughters may be competing in volleyball, swimming, track and field with biological males. Ask the Kentucky swimmer how that worked out for her, when she was soundly beaten by a 6'4" trans man after years of dedication to her sport. 

If Tim Ryan were really the conservative, he plays on TV he would be able to say at what point a baby can no longer be aborted. Tim can only say "it's up to the woman" . Taken to its logical end, that means a baby can be aborted at any point. Babies are fully formed and feel pain at 15 weeks. Aborting beyond 15 weeks puts the United States in the same company as North Korea, China and Russia.

If Tim Ryan were really the conservative, he would not tell the ACLU he would be in favor of getting rid of cash bail for those awaiting trial. Tim would proudly support Issue 1 in Ohio allowing judges to set a dollar amount for those who are a threat to the witnesses or public at large.

Tim also told the ACLU he said he be in favor of decriminalizing drugs .Tim didn't say which ones and when questioned he said we shouldn't be keeping people in jail for smoking a joint, knowing that has not been done for years.

TV Tim told his Zoom audience when speaking with Cleveland supporters that culture issues do not play well in Ohio. However, when he gets back to DC, "you know me I always support your causes". Tim was responding to a woman who said she was from the gay queer crowd and was curious about his support.

If Tim Ryan were a conservative democrat, would he have signed a letter saying the leading cause of the black men's death are the police. Our own police chief Robin Lees took umbrage with that remark calling Tim's letter false on its face.

If Tim Ryan were a conservative, he would not have signed a letter with his congressional buddy Ro Khanna demanding that everyone over the age of 16 be given $ 2000 per month during Covid until we return to full employment. Two thousand a month would have cost 6 trillion a year. I think you should do the math. It's a laughable proposal and shows poor judgment.

Give Vance a chance, he has been forthright in his campaign. Vance is Pro Life, pro second amendment and served his country in the Marine Corp. He is an American success story. Vance earned GI Bill college credits which allowed him to attend Ohio State and he later matriculated to Yale where he earned a law degree and sat successfully for the Bar. He wrote a best seller, "Hillbilly Elegy, and turned it into a hit movie. He later went to work in the private sector. 

Vance impressed as he raised millions in private equity while working for Peter Thiel. Vance, said he "was a never Trumper", but changed his position and won the support of 45. JD Vance bested a strong field of primary candidates including Josh Mandel, Jane Timken, and Matt Dolan. 

The choice is clear, Tim Ryan had to spend millions on TV to convince his fellow Ohioans that he is a good ole boy from the Mahoning Valley but votes like he is liberal from the San Fernando Valley. Give Vance a chance, his image didn't have to be changed for TV.

I wonder what Tim Ryan's response will be to president Biden saying, just this morning, that all coal plants across the nation will be shut down an replaced with wind and solar? 

Dan Rivers

570 WKBN


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