Ohio's New Distracted Driving Law Now in Effect

Man texting while driving

Photo: Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio's new law putting tougher restrictions on smartphone use while driving is now in effect.

It makes the use of a phone while driving a primary offense, meaning a law enforcement officer does not have to see you commit another traffic violation before pulling you over for texting-while-driving.

The exceptions for use are for hands-free functions, and while the phone is in a hands-free holder. Functions that only require one tap or swipe are still allowed, like answering the phone or hanging up on a call. Texting or watching streaming video are not allowed under the new law.

There is still a grace period for Ohio drivers--only warnings will be issued for distracted driving for the next six months. Law enforcement officers will begin writing tickets for the violations on October 4th.

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