The Incredible Other Use For Those Spring Door Stops

Photo: Getty Images

Door stops are a great way to keep doorknobs from damaging walls when a door opens. They easily screw into the floorboard and are so subtle that many people don't even notice them. However, the ones made from spring are a bit more noticeable if you have a pet that plays with them or you happen to bump against it, causing a loud "boing" sound. However, they actually have another function - aside from stopping doors, being a pet toy, and making funny noises. A video shared on TikTok explains the hidden use, and it is blowing people's minds.

In the clip, a person opening a door steps on the stop and releases it while it is under the door, which holds the door in place. It's captioned, "From doorstopper to doorkeeper."

Commenters were amazed, writing things like, "How am I learning this today?" and, "I've learned more from TikTok than any school that I've been to." Others, though, were disappointed since it didn't work for them. One asked, " You guys can fit your whole foot under your door?" and another stated, "I mean I have one but it's a hard one and not bendy like that whatsoever. I'll just break the baseboard if I did that."

One warning if you do try to use the doorstopper life hack - just make sure that the knob won't hit the wall.

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