Woman Who Hurled Bowl At Worker Sentenced To Work At Fast Food Restaurant

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An Ohio woman who threw a burrito bowl in the face of a Chipotle employee must work at a fast food restaurant for two monthsRosemary Hayne, 39, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge for throwing the food in the face of Emily Russell because she was unhappy with her order.

The shocking incident was caught on camera and went viral after it was posted on TikTok.

In court, Hayne apologized to Russell for her actions but still complained about her food.

"If I showed you how my food looked and how my food looked a week later from that same restaurant, it's disgusting looking," Hayne said.

"I bet you won't be happy with the food you are going to get in the jail," Parma Municipal Court Judge Timothy Gilligan replied.

Gilligan then sentenced Hayne to 90 days in jail. However, he offered her an alternative sentence. She could spend 30 days behind bars and then serve the remaining two months of her sentence working at a fast-food restaurant.

"Do you want to walk in her shoes for two months and learn how people should treat people, or do you want to do your jail time?" Gilligan asked Hayne.

"I'd like to walk in her shoes," Hayne responded.

Hayne must have her job approved by the court and work at least 20 hours a week.

Gilligan spoke to CNN about handing down the unusual sentence.

"Every time you watch the video, it makes you more and more upset," he said. "I was thinking, 'What else can I do rather than just have her sit in jail.'"

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