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The Dan Rivers Show Thursday March 2, 2017


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WHO SHOULD PAY ON A DATE? (Cosmopolitan)A poll of 51 single U.S. women reveals the following:

  • 60.7% the man should pay
  • 19.7% the check should be split
  • 17.6% whoever initiatied the date should pay
  • 2% the woman should pay


  • What's a worse food to order on a first date: ribs or spaghetti?
  • If you've been dating someone long term, who do you feel should usually pay on dates?
  • If you were on a first date with someone, and they didn't even pretend to go for their wallet after a meal, what would you think?

U.K. ADULTS ARE LONELY (Charities Relate and Relationships Scotland/ Daily Mail)A poll of more than 5,000 U.K. adults reveals the following:

  • 13% said they did not have someone they were close with
  • 45% said they feel lonely at least some of the time
  • 18% felt lonely often or all of the time
  • 12% said they rarely feel loved
  • 5% said they never feel loved
  • 83% said they enjoy good relationships with their friends
  • 18% say they have either two or three good friends
  • 6% say they have more than 10 close friends

WHAT PEOPLE DO WITH GREETING CARDS THEY GET IN THE MAIL (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,400 people reveals what they do with greeting cards they receive in the mail:

  • 55% keep the most special ones
  • 29% keep the yearly ones, so I remember who to send them to next year
  • 25% throw them away a few days after receiving them
  • 4% other

WHAT PROMPTS YOU TO REPLACE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,400 people reveals what prompts them to replace their toothbrush:

  • 75% after a certain amount of time
  • 14% special offer or price promotions in stores
  • 14% bad smell/taste
  • 9% when I only have one brush head left in supply
  • 8% when I am reminded by my dentist
  • 6% other

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