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The Dan Rivers Show Friday March 3, 2017


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DOES YOUR OFFICE CELEBRATE SPORTING EVENTS? (OfficeTeam/ PR Newswire)A poll of more than 300 senior managers and more than 300 U.S. employees ages 18+ reveals the following:

  • 23% of senior managers say their employer organizes activities tied to sporting events like March Madness
  • 39% say the top benefit for companies that do this is that it showed the company supports a healthy blend of work and play
  • 37% say it shows the company cares about building camaraderie among colleagues
  • 53% of employess report celebrating sports events with office buddies
  • 33% of employees said they would most like to enjoy sports events at work by watching games with colleagues
  • 66% of employees believe celebrating sporting events in the office can boost employee happiness
  • 30% of employees say the most distracting or annoying coworker is the poor sport during a tournament or sports season
  • Only 11% of employees say they feel they're less productive at work the day after a big game
  • 67% said sporting events have no impact on their performance


  • Do you think sports generally bring people together or push them apart?
  • What is the most fun thing that has happened at your office?
  • Which sporting event do you find more exciting: March Madness or the Super Bowl?

WILL THE FACT THAT BURGER KING BOUGHT POPEYE'S HAVE ANY EFFECT ON YOUR CONSUMPTION HABITS? (TellWut)A poll of over 1,500 online voters reveals if the fact that Burger King bought Popeyes will have any effect on their consumption habits:

  • 61% no effect
  • 9% not sure
  • 4% each: I will frequent Burger King more or I will frequent Popeyes more
  • 3% I will go to Popeyes less
  • 2% I will go to Burger King less
  • 1% each: I will stop eating at Burger King altogether or I will stop eating at Popeeys altogether
  • 18% N/A

OPINIONS ON TARGET VERSUS WALMART  (TellWut)An online poll of over 900 people reveals their opinions on Walmart and Target:

  • Which store has a more welcoming atmosphere: 50% Walmart, 29% Target, 21% N/A
  • Which store is cleaner: 34% Walmart, 41% Target, 25% N/A
  • Which store focuses more on customer service: 39% Walmart, 29% Target, 32% N/A
  • Which store has cheaper prices: 70% Walmart, 8% Target, 21% N/A
  • Which store is closer to your home: 70% Walmart, 17% Target, 13% N/A
  • Which store do you prefer to shop in: 60% Walmart, 22% Target, 18% N/A

IF YOU HAVE KIDS, DO YOU HAVE FAMILY GAME NIGHT? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,400 people reveals the following:

  • 30% No, we don't have family game night
  • 13% Yes, we have family game night
  • 57% I don't have kids

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