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The Dan Rivers Show for Tuesday March 7, 2017


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HOW AMERICANS PLAN TO SPEND THEIR TAX RETURNS (Bankrate.com/ Time)A poll of 1,001 U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • 47% expect to get a tax refund
  • 90% say they will use the money for something practical
  • 34% say they will save whatever money they get back
  • 29% say they'll use the money to pay bills or to buy food
  • 6% say they plan to use their refund to splurge on indulgences like a vacation or shopping spree
  • 29% of those questioned said they plan to file their taxes in April


  • Pick your poison: would you rather do your taxes or hang out with your in-laws for a whole weekend?
  • What is the most impractical item you've ever bought?
  • Are you starting to worry about how in-shape you are for summer, or no?

WHY BRITISH ADULT SLEEP SEPARTELY FROM THEIR PARTNERS (Tweak Mattress/ Mirror.co.uk) A poll of 2,000 British adults reveals the following:

  • 38% if those in relationships say they sleep separarely from their partner
  • 10.5% say they sleep separately because they then don't have to put up with their partner talking or making other weird noises in their sleep
  • 10% sleep along to avoid being awoken by their partner looking for his or her phone
  • 4.6% sleep alone to avoid their partner watching TV or reading in bed
  • 68% of couples admit that sleep issues do put a strain on things
  • 3% admit they wake up nearly three times per night
  • 11% say they wake up up to ten times per night

WHAT BRITISH PEOPLE LIKE ON THEIR PIZZA (YouGov/ Telegraph.co.uk)A poll of an undisclosed number of British adults reveals what their favorite pizza toppings are:

  • 65% mushrooms
  • 61% ham
  • 60% peppers
  • 56% pepperoni
  • 51% tomato
  • 49% bacon
  • 42% sweet corn
  • 42% pineapple
  • 33% olives
  • 26% spinach

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,400 people reveals what their biggest fears are:

  • 23% snakes
  • 19% public speaking
  • 10% spiders
  • 8% big crowds
  • 7% flying
  • 4% the dark
  • 12% other
  • 16% N/A

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