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The Dan Rivers Show Wednesday March 8, 2017


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TOP REASONS PEOPLE USE AD BLOCKING SOFTWARE (MarketingSherpa/ PR Newswire)A poll of 2,400 U.S. consumers reveals why they use ad blocking software:

  • 30% "I dislike ads that pop up over an entire webpage"
  • 23% "rollover ads are intrusive"
  • 19% "audio AutoPlay of online ads is intrusive"
  • 19% "I don't like remarketing (trying to sell me a product I've veiwed elsewhere or already bought)
  • 16% "showing personalized ads based on data about me is invasive"
  • 11% "I know the value of advertising but I don't care"
  • 10% "I don't see the value in advertising (e.g., getting free content, finding products, etc.)"
  • 2% other


  • What would be a worse internet issue to deal with: someone bullying your child, or an ex of yours posting revenge porn?
  • What website do you tend to avoid due to ads?
  • Which person do you dislike more: the inventor of AutoPlay audio ads, or the inventor of email?

REASONS WOMEN SAY THEY DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA (Womankind/ PR Newswire)A poll of 2,100 members of the SheSpeaks Community reveals reasons women are losing trust in the media:

  • 81% political bias
  • 81% inadequate fact checking
  • 79% prevalence of "fake news"
  • 79% focus on money/ratings vs. truth
  • 91% say that they don’t trust politicians
  • 72% say the most trusted news source is public broadcasting
  • 42% have very little trust in the news

IN MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, WHICH CHARACTERS ARE YOUR FAVORITES? (TellWut) An online poll of over 1,500 people reveals the characteristics of their favorite characters in media:

  • 46% say they like main and minor characters equally
  • 42% say they prefer good characters
  • 32% like good and evil characters equally
  • 7% say they prefer evil characters
  • 17% say their favorite characters are usually male
  • 63% say their favorite characters are equally male and female
  • 10% say their favorite characters are usually female
  • 41% they equally like characters they can relate to and those they cannot relate to
  • 24% most like characters they can easily relate to
  • 10% most like characters that are different from them

DO YOU WRITE IN CURSIVE? (TellWut)An online poll of over 33,000 people reveals whether people write in cursive or not:

  • 41% I write in a hybrid of print and cursive
  • 36% I write mainly print
  • 23% I write mainly in cursive

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