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The Dan Rivers Show for Thursday March 17, 2017


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WHAT PERCENTAGE OF SONGS ON YOUR IPOD WOULD YOU LIE ABOUT HAVING? (TellWut)An online poll of 250 people reveals what percentage of the songs on their iPod they would be embarrased to admit to a stranger that they have:

  • 57% Zero. I'm not ashamed of my musical tastes.
  • 16% Less than half
  • 7% Most of them. I have horrible taste in music.
  • 20% I don't own an iPod


  • What's the most embarrsing song in your digital library?
  • Which would be a bigger deal-breaker for you in a relationship, finding out the person had terrible taste in music, or terrible taste in movies?
  • Which is usually better: the book, or the movie version of the book?

PET OWNERS UNAWARE OF HOW OFTEN THEY HAVE TO CLEAN THEIR PET'S STUFF (Petco/ PR Newswire)A poll of an undisclosed number of U.S. pet owners reveals the following:

  • 20% say they wait at least a month to scrub their pet's eating or drinking bowls
  • 16% were unaware of how often their pet's beds and blankets should be cleaned
  • 76% were aware they should clean their pet's bed at least once a month
  • 20% were unaware of how often to replace their furry friend's plastic and rubber toys
  • 20% of people believe their cat's litter box never has to be replaced
  • Nearly 50% said they don't routinely clean out their pet's spa supplied, including brushes
  • 12% of pet parents are unaware of how often their dog or cat's flea and tick prevention products need to be replaced

MILLENNIALS HAVE BOTH OPTIMISM AND FRUSTATION (Intenational Youth Foundation/ PR Newswire)A poll of 7,600 people ages 15 to 24 from 30 countries reveals the following:

  • 76% agree with the statement, "I will be able to get the kind of job I want."
  • 65% think their government does not care about their wants and needs
  • 60% said, "the way that I feel emotionally gets in the way of my studies, job, or social life."
  • 90% agreed with the statement, "There is too much economic divide between the high and low income"
  • Income (71%) and job flexibility (56%) are ranked as the two most important factors for young people choosing a career path

HOW MANY CUPS OF COFFEE DO YOU DRINK EACH DAY? (TellWut)An online poll of over 43,000 people reveals how many cups of coffee they drink each day:

  • 28% one
  • 22% two
  • 13% more than three
  • 12% three
  • 25% I don't drink coffee at all

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