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The Dan Rivers Show for Friday March 17, 2017


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HOW PEOPLE SAY THEY'LL CELEBRATE ST. PATRICK'S DAY (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,300 people reveals the following:

  • 31% wear green
  • 11% wear green & eat corned beef & cabbage
  • 7% wear green & go out to drink (green beer!)
  • 4% wear green & watch the St. Patrick's Day parade on TV/go to the parade in person
  • 3% other
  • 50% not applicable


  • How do you feel about green beer?
  • What is your favorite green food?
  • What is your favorite holiday in terms of the food?

SHOPPERS THINK THEY'RE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE THAN RETAIL STORE ASSOCIATES (Tulip Retail/ PR Newswire)A poll an undisclosed number of brick-and-mortar store shoppers reveals the following:

  • 83% believe they're more knowledgeable than retail store associates
  • 79% say knowledgable store associates are "important" or "very important"
  • 64% believe physical retail locations will be part of the shopping journey in the future
  • 50% said a knowledgable store associate who is able to suggest products based on their purchase history would encourage them to shop in-store
  • 72% that dealt with a store associate who uses a mobile device to provide things like product info, credit card checkout, and inventory look-up, said it resulted in a better shopping experience
  • 73% would be interested in having a store associate text or email them about the status of their order or that their order has arrived in the store
  • 53% believe that store associates are either "very valuable, very helpful" or "valuable, helpful"
  • 77% believe the biggest advantage of shopping in-store is the ability to touch, try on, and see products

THE MOST TRUSTED ADVERTISING CHANNELS OF CONSUMERS (MarketingSherpa/ PR Newsiwre)A poll of 2,400 U.S. consumers reveals which types of advertising channels they trust most:

  • 82% Print ads (newspapers, magazines)
  • 80% TV ads
  • 76% Ads/catalogs I receive in the mail
  • 71% Radio ads
  • 69% Ads in outdoor public places (like billboards, transit ads, posters, etc)
  • 61% Search engine ads (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.)
  • 47% Video ads that appear prior to an online video
  • 43% Sponsored posts on blogs that I read
  • 39% Online banner ads
  • 39% Mobile phone ads
  • 37% Ads in podcasts
  • 25% Online pop-ups

REASONS PEOPLE ARE HELD BACK FROM PROMOTIONS (Wyzant/ PR Newswire)A poll of 900 men and women who are currently employed in the U.S. reveals the following:

  • 71% had had to undergo training to keep or move forward in a position
  • 48% say they have not been able to progress in their career due to lack of training
  • 70% hope to advance in their career at some point
  • 73% will need continued education in order to advance their careers in the future
  • 53% say money is what motivates them to seek additional training and advance their careers

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