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The Dan Rivers Show Monday March 27, 2017


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PARENTS ARE LIKELY TO PASS DOWN FINANCIAL HABITS (T. Rowe Price Group/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,014 parents with kids ages 8 to 14 reveals the following:

  • 44% of parents let kids decide how to save an spend their own money

Here is how kids who are allowed to decide how to save and spend their money act:

  • 76% talk to their parents about money
  • 91% say their parents set a good financial example
  • 62% have a savings account

Here's how kids who are NOT allowed to manage their own money act:

  • 53% spend their money as soon as they get it
  • 49% have lied to their parents about what they spend their money on
  • 65% expect their parents to buy them what they want


  • Do you think kids are motivated to do better in school when they are paid for their good grades, or no?
  • Have you ever broken open a piggy bank?
  • What was the first thing you can remember saving up money for?

MANY WOMEN FEEL THEY HAVEN'T REACHED THEIR FULL POTENTIAL (Kellogg Company/ PR Newswire)A poll of over 6,000 women in Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, and The U.S. reveals the following:

  • 80% feel they have not reached their full potential
  • 77% feel they possess inner strength
  • Though, 75% wish they had even greater inner strength
  • 68% of women cited food as important in fueling inner strength
  • 80% say they feel stronger when helping others
  • 90% consider inner strength to be key to success, just ahead of intellect
  • Yet, only 57% say they've received support from another woman
  • 62% say inner strength is most needed by women (9% feel it's most needed by men)

AMERICANS ON THE POLITICAL IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA (Finn Partners/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,000 American adults reveals the following:

  • 52% said social media had some impact on their voting decision
  • 80% believe that social media has at least some impact on public policy outcomes
  • 57% said they shared their political opinions and feelings via social media at least sometimes
  • Nearly 30% took a break from social media during the presidential election cycle
  • 54% said they stepped back because "the tone of social media was too toxic or negative"
  • 48% said they stepped back because they were "tired of hearing about the presidential election"

HOW OFTEN PEOPLE READ BOOKS (GfK/ PR Newswire)A poll of 22,000 consumers ages 15 or older across 17 countries reveals the following:

  • 30% say they read books "every day or most days"
  • 32% of women report reading books 'every or most' days, compared to 27% of men
  • 36% of those in China and 32% each of respondents from Spain and the U.K. say they read "every day or most days"
  • 35% of those in high income households say they read books "every or most days"
  • 24% of those in low income households said the same
  • 10% of those in low income household say they 'never' read, compared to just 3% of those in high income households

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