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Remembering Johnny


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MILLENNIALS ON THEIR USE OF TINDER (LendEDU/ Elite Daily)A poll of over 3,800 U.S. millennials (in this case, ages 18 to 22) reveals the following:

  • 72% say they use Tinder
  • Yet, 70% of those who use Tinder say they've never bothered to go on a date with a match
  • 44% say they use Tinder to boost their confidence/procrastinate
  • 22% use Tinder to look for a hookup
  • 4% use Tinder to look for a relationship
  • 29% say they use Tinder for "other reasons"


  • Do you think dating apps are a good place to meet a potential spouse or no?
  • What is the nicest compliment you've ever received online or on a dating app?
  • Where would expect to have higher chances of meeting a mate: at speed-dating event, or on Tinder?

MANY WOMEN WON'T ENTER A STORE IF THERE'S NOT A SALE (Footwear News/ Time)A poll of 1,303 Americans reveals the following:

  • 45% of female respondents said they won't enter a store if there isn't a discount of 41 percent or more
  • 39% of all respondents said they would travel to another store to find a cheaper price
  • 66% said they would rather shop online
  • 60% said they would expect to find the largest discounts online

WHAT PEOPLE LIKE TO DO ON CRUISES (Allianz Global Assistance USA/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,529 people reveals the following:

  • 34% of people say they prefer to stay on the ship the entire or marjority of their cruise experience
  • 36% say the main reason for not wanting to disembark was because of safety concerns
  • 18% say they're just not interested in getting off of the ship
  • 17% say they fear they would miss getting back on the ship on time
  • 9% say they don't leave the ship because of the inclusive food/drinks on the ship
  • 8% stay on board because they don't have a pre-booked off-board activity
  • 7% stay on board because they've visited the destination previously
  • 5% say they don't disembark because of the lack of internet/mobile connectivity
  • 26% of all respondents say they'd be more interested in taking a cruise if it was themed
  • 74% say they prefer the attributes of a river cruise to ocean cruising

STRESSED OUT LEADERS HARM EMPLOYEES' JOB PERFORMANCE (Life Meets Work/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,000 U.S. employees ages 18 to 70 reveals the following:

  • 7% believe their stressed-out leaders effectively lead their teams
  • 11% of employees with stressed-out leaders say they are highly engaged at work
  • 50% believe their stressed-out leader is either harmful or irrelevant to their job and the organization's performance
  • When leaders are adept at managing stress, only about 10 percent of their employees harbor such negative opinions
  • 79% of respondents with resilient leaders wanted to have a more senior role in their organization
  • 55% of those with a leader who is less capable of managing stress felt the same

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