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WHICH COLOR DO YOU THINK CRAYLOA WILL RETIRE? (TellWut)Crayola recently announced will will retire a crayon color from its classic 24-pack of Crayons. A poll of over 1,700 people reveals which crayon color they think will be on the chopping block (Crayola will announce which color will be out on Friday, March 31st):

  • 18% cerulean
  • 10% each- dandelion, apricot
  • 9% white
  • 6% green yellow
  • 5% each- yellow green, yellow orange
  • 4% each- violet red, red violet, carnation pink
  • 3% each- gray, indigo, scarlet, blue violet, red orange
  • 2% each- black, blue green
  • 1% each- red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet


  • Did you begin using adult coloring books in the past few years as they became popular?
  • What is the better color tool: colored pencils or crayons?
  • What more satisfying to write with: a perfectly sharpened pencil or your favorite pen?

AMERICANS ON EASTER CANDY (National Confectioners Association/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,630 U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • 90% of parents who celebrate with Easter baskets say they'll help the Easter Bunny stock them with candy or chocolate
  • 79% say their baskets will also include non-edible items such as crayons, stuffed animals, and books
  • 75% of all respondents say they've shared chocolate or candy with friends and family at Easter
  • 52% say chocolate eggs are best filled with cream, caramel, or other treats
  • 32% want their chocolate eggs to be solid
  • 16% say they are fine with a hollow chocolate egg
  • 91% of parents surveyed say they have a plan in place to talk to their children about balance when it comes to sweets and treats
  • 79% of parents say they plan to decorate eggs
  • 71% plan to attend an Easter Egg Hunt as part of their Easter celebrations

AMERICANS ON GRILLED CHEESE (Sara Lee/ PR Newswire)A poll of 2,030 U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • 55% classified as 'grilled cheese traditionalists'- meaning they only use one kind of cheese on their sandwich
  • More than 25% feel a grilled cheese should only consist of two ingredients- bread and cheese
  • But if they had to choose additional fillings, 39% would go with tomato
  • 38% would choose bacon
  • 32% would choose ham/pork
  • 22% would choose eggs
  • About 66% were 'grill cheese adventurists' and said they would eat a 'mystery' grilled cheese without having a clue what's inside
  • 22% of these 'adventurists' say they would put onions on their grilled cheese
  • 10% would include apples on their sandwich
  • 17% of these folks prefer a mix of cheeses as the core of their sandwiches
  • Overall, 77% of respondents said they prefer to eat a grilled cheese sandwich at home    

PARENTS ON GIVING AN ALLOWANCE (RoosterMoney/ PR Newswire)A poll of an undisclosed number of parents with kids ages four to 14 reveals the following:

  • 69% of parents say they choose to give a regular allowance
  • 48% fork over the allowance on Saturdays, the most popular day to do so
  • 72% of kids save their allowance 
  • Girls save an average of 76%, boys save an average of 70%

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