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CONSUMERS WANT CASH BACK WHEN SHOPPING (RetailMeNot/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,006 U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • About 34% say they'd be willing to shop at a new store if presented with a cash back offer
  • 47% said they would be more willing to make a purchase with the ability to combine a coupon with a cash back offer
  • 20% said they made a purchase or spent more than planned because of a cash back offer in the last 12 months
  • 96% say they prefer NOT to use mail-in rebates
  • 70% say they prefer to receive payment from cash back offers in a form other than a check


  • What extremes will you go to to get free shipping when shopping online?
  • What website do you feel has the best deal on most items?
  • What time of year do you tend to spend the most money online?

    MOBILE CUSTOMERS DON'T KNOW ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ROAMING CHARGES (T-Mobile/ PR Newswire)A poll of 1,005 U.S. adults reveals the following:

  • 69% of respondents who'd been abroad in the past year took their smartphone with them when they traveled
  • 55% said they'd rather lose their luggage than their phone 
  • 66% said they would give up preferred seating on a flight before giving up their phone
  • 60% admit they have no idea what it costs to use their smartphone outside of the U.S.
  • 80% of adults underestimated costs for a week of international travel

HOW MANY DOGS HAVE YOU OWNED IN YOUR LIFETIME? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,300 people reveals how many dogs they've owned in their lives:

  • 22% zero, I've never had a dog
  • 19% one
  • 17% six
  • 15% two
  • 10% each- three or four
  • 7% five

HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU TYPICALLY SPEND READING IN A DAY? (TellWut)An online poll of over 1,200 people reveals how much time they typically spend reading in a day:

  • 26% 15 to 30 minutes daily
  • 26% more than an hour daily
  • 23% up to one hour daily
  • 12% 0 to 15 minutes daily
  • 14% N/A

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