Rivers Rules

                                                              Rivers Rules

When it comes to golf, I have hit lousy shot, after lousy shot not knowing why. Now I know and I bet I can save you some time on the range.

If you are hitting the ball poorly, making lousy contact, chunking, hitting it thin, and you're not doing any of these things consistently, you're probably standing wrong.


  • Start from ground zero.
  • Place the ball in the center of your stance to start.
  • Feet Shoulders width apart.
  • Assume an athletic posture with weight balanced.
  • Arms hanging down.
  • Bend at the waste and slightly flex your knees.
  • Center yourself with the club just behind the ball.
  • Remind yourself and say the word "Center".
  • Do not move your frame, head or eyes in your back Swing.
  • Keep your eyes dead on the ball.
  • Now turn and hit the ball.
  • The turn is limited by your ability to turn, don't go further.
  • Very important, turn only as much as you can.
  • Do not turn so much that you pull your head or eyes off center.
  • When you turn, push the club back and swing through.
  • The secret, to solid golf contact is not pulling your head off center.
  • Practice in front of a mirror until your head stays still.
  • After that let it go and follow through.

Rivers Rule Summary 

Your body is an "A Frame" and your arms are extended from the Frame swinging around your body. Remember if you are hitting the ball inconsistently with any club, you are likely allowing your " Center to shift left or right, stay in the Center. Remember repeat the word before your back swing, "Center".



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