Dan Rivers-Jen Psaki says the Fed trumps the state, then defend Texas.

Jen​ Psaki, redhaired mouthpiece for the Biden administration, yes, the same spokesperson, who was off the clock as Afghanistan fell apart. Come to think about it, President Biden was missing too. He may have been lost at Camp David. In any case you know the suspects. 

Jen's latest whopper, she says Federal authority always trumps States, rights? Oh, did I say Trump? It just slipped out. Nevertheless, a strange comment, when all federal stems from the states. The states give the Feds the authority to form a more perfect union. 

Governor Abbot in Texas is on his last nerve and is fed up with the Federal response to the invasion from the South. If Jen Psaki really believes in Federal rights, why in the hell isn't the Federal government protecting Texas' southern border. 

If Jen Psaki and President Biden say Federal rights are the state of the art, how about protecting the state of Texas from aall-out invasion? 

Maybe it's because we found a tape of Vice President Joe Biden on CSPAN, way back in 2016 saying bloviating "we should have a steady flow of immigrants into our nation and that will put Caucasians in the minority for the first time in our history." 

Yep, President Joe Biden said mass immigration will make us stronger and overtake the Anglo majority. This is coming from a guy who appears to be Caucasian. Did Biden just cancel himself?

Dan Rivers 

570 WKBN

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