We were energy independent, commentary Dan Rivers

Energy independence.

Have you seen the price at the pump? Of course you have, $ 3.29 a gallon gets your attention. At the end of the Trump administration the price at the pump was 229 or less.

Eight months into the Biden ministration oil prices have jumped to $80 a barrel, at the end of the Trump administration we were energy independent President Biden said we will get rid of fossil fuels, looks like he is on his way.

Democrat Republican or Independent this affects you and the Biden administration policies have taken money from your household..

Speaking of table ask any homemaker how much food has increased during the Biden ministration this has been a disaster for the people on the lower echelon of our economy, more of their money Hass to go to feed themselves. During the Trump administration people gained wealth all four years.

The Biden administration has been bad news for Main Street and why some people still cling to the notion that Biden would’ve been a better president than Trump I will never know. In eight months our country has taken in more immigrants in one year than Trump took in during his four year term.

I asked Governor Dewine, if he has a heads up on where the immigrants are going, he replied they are simply on the loose in the heartland of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. He said the Governors are given no heads up, but they will have to accommodate them in hospitals and schools.

That’s just two issues energy and immigration have sunk Biden to a 38 per cent approval by the American people. The 38 per cent who approve can't be paying attention. Not to pile on, but what about Biden's Afghanistan mess, or the Covid he promised to end. It Makes you long for Jimmy Carter.

Dan Rivers

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