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Why can't we be in the MAC, Kent and Akron are.

I found the answer as to why the Youngstown State Penguins play in the Missouri Valley Conference rather than playing in the Mid-American Conference. I know it seems to make good sense, after all there are 4 other Ohio teams in the State.

It would be great fun, Saturday trips to Oxford, Akron, Kent, Athens, I might even go to Buffalo

and Ypsilanti. We would even play in an occasional Tuesday night game in December, bring the hot chocolate. Great rivals, why not the MAC? 

Well for starters Bowling Green has slashed their Athletic budget by two million and are holding on. Akron can't draw flies for its football games and sinks deeper in the Red year after year. The bottom line is that Akron and Kent are not blackballing Youngstown State, the bottom line is. it's all about the bottom line. 

Youngstown spends 15 million for athletics, Toledo 35. If anyone has an extra 10 million to bring the YSU athletic budget to 25 we would likely be given strong consideration, in the Ohio club. Yea, no more trips to Fargo and Brookings. Scratch off Cedar Falls Iowa too.

The story behind the story is that most of the MAC teams can't afford to be in the MAC. Football and athletics are not good for most of the schools. Save for Toledo, they claim to bring in 35 million and spend 35 million. You know Even Steven.

I wish it were different, but this a town of Dollar and half Trees and Dollar General, not Trader Joes and Whole Foods.  

I can hear the conversation now. " To all you wonderful professors here at YSU, we love what you do but we are seeking a new contract of zero zero zero for the next 3 years. Yes, I understand we are spending an additional 10 million to enter the Mid-American Conference, but we think it will be good in the long run

Bragging rights, friendly wagers, Handels Ice Cream in exchange for a Glass Bowl. It will be great, but for this contract we cannot accept any wage increases. On the bright side the rivalry with Akron and Kent will be a great thing for the valley and everyone involved. Oh, on a personal note. "Vince Mr. Football" will finally get off my Ares.

Dan Rivers

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