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Commentary by Dan Rivers "What happened in Virginia?"

Reporters today, asked President Biden about the proposed payment of $ 450, 000 to each illegal immigrant separated from their children during the Trump administration. Fair question, sounds like a right-wing talking point right?

Allow me to give you some background. Illegal aliens from around 90 countries have breached America's border and upon arrest some were segregated by gender, adults, and children.

This was obviously done to protect the weaker from being preyed upon. Keep in mind, we did not capture the aliens, they broke into our country violating our border laws.

Our customs enforcement and border guards did not slam the door, to the contrary, they extended comfort and aide to the souls who yes, broke into our country.

Now, I have given you the short version of this story. Yes, parents were separated from children, no doubt causing anxiety with both parents and children. I can only imagine the pain; i have never experienced such.

The highly sensitive and well-trained border guards did their best to comfort and protect the women and children. Keep in mind we did not ask these souls to break into our country. We are a humane society, and we appreciate Thier plight as they try to achieve a better life.

The American Civil Liberties Union cried foul and lobbied to have 450 thousand dollars paid for each child separated from a parent and a million for each family involved. To put it another way, we caused their pain and suffering.

Keep in mind, when a military son or daughter is killed in action .defending our country, the family is paid a one hundred-thousand-dollar gratuity.

President Biden just returned from the global warming summit, with his spokesman John Carey saying a hundred billion dollars is not going to do it. We need to give more to India, China, and Russia to mitigate global warming. Are you ill yet?

Yes, I have digressed, but it's easy to do with this administration they have such generous stipends for almost everyone but Americans. 

So here is the punch line, I think it was Peter Doocy who asked about $ 450 thousand being given to separated illegal aliens and President Joe Biden said, "Its not going to happen". 

Minutes later the ACLU said "if that's true, we consider it a violation of what was agreed to. And there you have it, Biden somewhere along the line in his extensive executive orders agreed to the payment of $ 450 thousand dollars per migrant child.

This is precisely why Biden cannot be allowed to talk to a nosy journalist. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's all hands-on deck to clean up the mess.

Just for good measure, let me pour some gas on Smokey Joe, Long Beach City College just announced they would allow homeless students to sleep in their cars.  

Are you connecting the dots, as to why Virginia just elected a conservative Governor, people see this stuff and are rejecting it. The liberal media does its level best to cover for Biden, but everyone occasionally he gets loose. 

Allow me to wrap it up in a tidy paragraph, Biden allegedly agreed to a payment of up to a million dollars for families who broke into our country. Meanwhile, Long Beach college students sleep in thier cars and just so you know, in March Biden spent 86 million dollars on hotel rooms for Migrants near the border. Now that's a lot to ponder, but it may explain the rejection of liberal ideas in Virginia.

Dan Rivers

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