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Mike DeWine wins going away

Mike Dewine summed up his service to Ohio by saying "we're a people that get up in the morning and get things done. DeWine showed up sometimes 7 days a week during Covid and Ohio will not forget him. 

It started with JD Vance and his book Hillbilly Elegy. Vance laid out the story of Ohio, jobs left, people followed. Vance grew up in a family that was broken, he was raised by his grandmother. He was inspired by his Memaw to wake up and smell the coffee. 

JD went to the Marine Corp, served in Iraq, earned education money thru the GI bill, graduated Ohio State and went on earn his Juris Doctorate from Yale. JD Vane will serve our country well and I predict he will be unfazed by the trappings of the office. a

It was a hard-fought race but one that will serve America well starting with securing our border. You must have a fence to ensure that you are a country. Nothing but up-side for Ohio, with JD Vance. I fully expect JD Vance to give us regular updates on important topics. We have access to Governor DeWine, Senator JD Vance, congressman Bill Johnson. That means you have access as well.

Tim, while being a nice guy, he has been on the wrong side of borders, energy, and crime. He hurt himself badly when he made the first misstep of calling out police departments after the Floyd death. At the time, "defunding the police" was uttered and Tim Ryan jumped on the band wagon and never recovered. In the view of the violence America is experiencing, Ryan made a terrible mistake which he would not recover.

It's a new day in the Valley, second time candidate Denny Meloy has defeated perennial politician Mike Obrien. Trumbull County now has two Republican Commissioners and a commonsense democrat in Mara Cannamelas. Look for good things in Trumbull County. Meloy knows how to organize and will get good results. He has for years led "White Tail Unlimited and has grown the platform. 

Nick Santucci, another first-time candidate, doggedly pursued statewide office and won. Santucci, a John Carole graduate and thoughtful young man will fit in well with Mike Ruli, Al Cutrona, and Mike Loychik. Trumbull County has turned red.

Breaking news, the Mahoning County Commissioner race will hinge on uncounted provisional votes. The race between Regehiti and Defabio is 200 votes, and those votes have to be counted in 14 days. 

Legislators had it right on issue 1, voters overwhelmingly support the idea of Judges setting the amount of bail when it comes to keeping the public safe from predators. Almost a laughable issue, tiny Yellow Springs Ohio forced issue 2 when the liberals tried to give illegal aliens the right to vote in local elections. Ohioans said no to this also. Think about it, you have broken into the country illegally, you're living the community illegally, we know who you are and instead of deporting you we give you the right to vote. Mos of us weren't born yesterday. 

Maybe the biggest win of all, the three conservative justices in Ohio, Dewine, Kennedy and Fisher all won. Governor Dewine will appoint a 4th conservative. This is important because it will keep liberals from coming into Ohio and enacting laws that are contrary to Ohio's conservative beliefs. For more details, read the Eric Holder plan for changing prosecutors across the nation that would make states less safe. For reference check the Illinois and New York liberal prosecutors which have made the streets dangerous.

House 230 to 213, not a Red Wave but we'll take it and we can stop the bleeding. Conservatives will be able to start from the bottom up. Looks like a recount in Georgia Senate race and possibly a runoff.

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