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The city by the bay has some free money

Wonder no more why entry level jobs are not being filled. One egregious example is in San Franciso. Tax dollars are being used to guarantee income to certain transgender recipients. 

The brainchild of the mayor, London Breed is to give away a 1200-dollar a month stipend to stave off financial insecurity. Why, we can only guess, that if you're transgender you are less employable. There may be a clue in my last phrase. 

Those eligible can present their transgenderism from a list of 97 genders to be entered on the application. My question, with so many choices, how can you nail down your gender? 

Think of this, the people charged with picking up garbage, policing, fire safety, fixing the general good of the order have the time to identify 97 genders in their community. The stipend would be paid from the same general fund, used for the city budget. This basic income for transgenders is a budget line in the San Franciso general budget.

There are other subsidy programs, for example Black and Pacific Islander mothers, and Pandemic cash for local artists. One spokesman said the cash payments tend to make people happier when they have money. I can relate, I am normally happier when I'm not broke.

If you lived in San Francisco and you knew of this payment being made from money that had been confiscated from your tax obligation, one would have to question why one still lives where street cars fly all the way to the sky.

Just to review, $ 1200 per month for 18 months to any of 97 genders listed on the application. Please use the 18 preferred pronouns suggested on the application.  

I would like to tell you this is all a joke, but sadly it's true in the once beautiful city by the bay. The same city that has modified fire hydrants into showers for those making the street their home. On the conservative side at least, they haven't legalized urination on the street as they have in our nation's capital. Any questions? 

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