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The Fox Patriot Awards celebrate America

There is no media in the world like Fox. Sometimes I think conservatives are afraid to say they saw it on Fox for fear it will be discounted as to say, "Oh that figures, that right wing tool."

We need to speak up and be proud of an organization that is working for America each day. I point to the Fox News Patriot awards. I delayed the broadcast of the event and watched it this past weekend. 

Patriotism was the order of the day at Fox. People that love America, and salute those who do their jobs with little FanFair. Take Mike Rowe. who has made a living out of saluting those who do the dirty jobs. Rowes trademark work shirt has made hard work seem fun.

Sean Hannity has advocated for business throughout his career and actually worked in Contruction. Tucker Carlson who nightly tackles stories no one else will touch. Last night Tucker talked about children being exploited in a video rationalizing bondage while holding a Teddy Bear. Legacy media does not want to delve into the exploitation of our children. 

Jesse Waters, Harris Faulker, Dana Perino, Brian Kilmeade, Leo Terrel, Fox has the stars, and their viewers and management are one in the same. You could sum it up as saying conservatives are having a love affair with Fox. Also note, they're having fun doing it.

The Patriot awards showcased police officers, firemen, teachers, and just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The show was hosted by Pete Hegseth a combat veteran, who knows the sacrifice that combat infantrymen have made. 

Talk radio is much like Fox, maybe even closer to our audience because we interact with them daily. I think it's time to celebrate the conservative values celebrated by Fox and those same people that fit into the talk radio listener biosphere.

CNN, MSNBC, CBS and other legacy media including the so-called newspapers of record could stand up for America and host a similar celebration, but they don't.

It's my view leaders like Omar, AOC, Talib, and especially Adam Schiff are embraced by the legacy media. They point anything negative about America. They seem to revel in tearing down America.  

Fox and Talk radio turn that around and promote the goodness of Americans. We argue for a sovereign country, where a common language is used. The rule of law is respected and the right to keep and bear arms is preserved. God bless Fox for pointing out the everyday heroes in our midst. I am waiting for Rachel Madow of MSNBC to point out the goodness of Americans. Let me know when that happens, and I will write about it.

For now, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I hear the left talking about the Holiday- Thanksgiving is not to be celebrated. They rationalize we conquered and killed Native Americans. Thus, our country is built on a lie. Don't buy it. If you want to see a current lie CBS at least committed one of omission.

is real, coincidentally during a holiday week when listenership is down.

Dan Rivers 

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