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Musk is out of control, he is allowing "Free Speech"

It can't be lost on you, but just in case you missed it, the left used the love Elon Musk. If he so much as uttered a phrase the crowd went crazy. He had Steve Jobs like stature. Musk introduced a hideous vehicle he called a truck and the world applauded. 

That love has evaporated for the world's favorite White African American. Musk has suddenly become unpopular with the lefties because they found out he is for free speech, all of it. Think of the concept, "I am for free speech, but you are dead wrong and will I defend your right to say it".

That is an American cornerstone, maybe not exclusive to America, but we have worn that moniker proudly. Stand on a soapbox and preach your story and some will listen. I remember being fascinated by Black Nationalists standing on the streets of Midtown Manhattan calling out their own race for failing their children. I thought these men have a lot of guts, preaching in the streets. Back then the Times Square neighborhood was a pretty tough place. 

I've heard clips of Harry Truman using language that would curdle milk, Louis Farrakkan preach separatism, Bobby Knight screaming at every official who reffed an Indiana game. I've heard outlandish claims made by callers to my radio show who are obviously spewing lies and hate. Again, you have to applaud a constitution that not only approves of all speech but guarantees it. 

How can the left miss the point of free speech? Again, I defend their right to be wrong on that too. it's so basic to what we are. I will stop there you get the point. Note, some on the left do not see the point. It's an incredible talk show topic and I would get few calls from those who think some speech should be limited. Yet there is a group of people who espouse limits on speech. Can you imagine there would ever be the day in America?

I can't pinpoint or prove it, but you see the same not so veiled threats regarding Musk and Twitter. The president's spokesman commenting on Musk' purchase of Twitter, paraphrasing she said we look into all speech, and we will keep an eye on Musk's purchase. When did we start doing that? Do we limit what The Youngstown Vindicator or Warren Tribune prints? Do we monitor channel 27 for political comment? Shutter the thought, that's censorship and that is verboten in America

Well, that's what our founding fathers thought too. Let in all speech and allow the speech to fail on it's on merit and if it's libelous or scandalous remedies are to be found our courts. Twitter, in just a few short years has become more important than the legacy media and some think it has to be controlled.

avaccine denier was banished. 

If Free "Speech" was used as a Talk Radio Topic, their would-be little support for such a proposal. Despite that, there is an undercurrent of thought that suggests people like Donald Trump should not be allowed to opine. Trump is not the only one, but his is the face of this movement. 

Even though you would like to give flag burners a knuckle sandwich, you eventually realize they have the right to express themselves in America. As an American and a veteran, I find it despicable that one would have that sentiment. but that sentiment is what makes us free. 

The Libertarians have it mostly right. Do as you please, as long as no harm comes to others. I said almost, because at the end of the day, failure to wear a seatbelt and you are un-insured becomes societies problem. You are now unnecessarily a burden to society, indirectly because you exercised your right to go beltless.  

Talk Radio is similar to Twitter but with more anonymity. you are  about the quality of your tweet. 

Talk radio does not work well, when overbearing management decides what one's opinion should be. When that happens, the host is only a call manager and will soon be out of the job for a failing radio show. Parenthetically Twitter does not need an overlord who dictates what can be said or who can say it. I trust you can see, there is no one, no computer can manage what an open and free speech system should look like. 

Therefore, complete hands off, allow the marketplace to make the decision on commentary and ideas. Fight back against anyone who attempts to undermine your right to free speech. You have been given more free speech than anyone on earth, use it wisely and prepare to fight anyone who would endeavor to take it from you.

Dan Rivers

570 WKBN

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