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Can you hear the clock ticking?

Tik Tok now counts former senator Trent Lott as a lobbyist. Tik Tok is a communist company. In China, the Communist party is entitled to all proprietary intellectual property. The White House is even using the system to message Americans. Think about it, the country that produces the ingredients for Fentanyl is being used by our government as a means to reach our own citizens. 

In addition to Fentanyl, Tik Tok itself has been found to be highly addictive to its users. Why would we give a platform a place in American society that could be an organ of the Chinese Communist party?  

The same authoritarian government that is again locking down its population has an app collecting information on our kids and Biden forgot to bring up human rights in his state visit to China. Think of it, locking citizens of China in their homes during Covid, and our silence gives tacit approval.

Their is another way, we don't have to confront China, simply ask Apple and others to take Tik Tok out of our app stores, rationalize it as a National Security threat. What American apps are free to exist in China? None are toally free from Chinese government scrutiny? When are we going to use the power, we already have over the Chinese? 

Do we really need their dry wall or other building products? We are stupid and lazy, and we fail to realize the power we possess. Without the American consumer market for Chinese goods the Chinese consumer goods industry would die on the vine or be in need of BOGO sale.

The only way you get respect from China is to use your power. Correct, you cannot stop companies like Apple from being cozy with China, but you could stop the flow of Chines goods into America.

Nobody understood this like Trump. Trump said he would terrif Chinese goods and he did. It's not a brilliant or profound idea, our founding fathers ran the country on tariffs. In recent years classical economists have scuttled the idea of tariffs, calling it a two-way street. 

All they had to say was tariffs don't work and the American public bought it. Trump ignored the economists and got Chinas attention. Sometimes we don't realize the power we have in abundant natural resources and trace minerals. That is a great advantage, but the bigger advantage is in our free and fair economy which all producers want to be a part of.

The writing is on the wall but allow me one short example. China moved in and captured Italy's fashion industry. It's now a shell of its glory days. China is not there for the art; they want mass production. The Italian tie to Woo Han was likely the start of the worldwide pandemic.

China is now casting a larger net with over 800 million followers on Tik Tok, gathering data on its users to be able to predict or compel future behavior. Wake up, Trump is not a Brainiac, simply a man with common sense who looked at communist China and knew America was being treated badly. Sometimes the issues are self-evident and apparent. 

Wake up Americans, if you are using Tic Toc you are giving the communist insight into American life, who you are, where you live, whether you are malleable or a malcontent. Maybe not this week but one day this information will be useful to your new minders.

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