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Is NIL just a legal way to funnel dollars to athletes?

A few days ago, I was 20 miles outside Kiladelphia. Thats what they are calling it now. I had no clue the danger lurking if I had ventured just a few miles from my Toney surroundings.

Is this the future of America? If one chose to see the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles, do you need a private security detail? What about a trip to check out the crack in the Liberty Bell, do I need an armored Uber?

I bring this up because gas station owner Neal Patel has made headlines by creating his own armed security force headed up by a former Philly Police officer. In the video I witnessed the officer carrying a rife that resembled an AR semi-automatic. Other security members appeared to be outfitted with 12 gage shot guns.

I doubt a gas station owner can sustain this type of force long term, but Patel felt compelled to react after his ATM was dragged off by brazen thieves. Patel said he turned to the security agency "SITE" after the worst spate of crime he has seen in 20 years. Obviously, you would need a high profit margin to afford a trained and well paid security force. I doubt this security is viable in the long run. 

Having stated the obvious, I think we are all called upon to demand answers from the justice departments that serve the good of our communities. Why are we putting up with this rabble. We are paying taxes for security, and it's better left to those charged with protecting our interests. 

What is wrong with a system that allows brazen robberies? Why are the miscreants on the street? We have the power to change. Time after time police officers have said just a few taken off the streets makes a huge difference, why isn't it being done?

A safe environment is the key to a healthy community. No one is on the side of the thief ,robber or murderer, yet they thrive. Where is the disconnect? I think what has happened is that criminals believe this is the time to act. You have heard the nonsense regarding police being brutal, too much incarceration, it's not reality. We know the end of this story.

if we allow theft to grow in retail stores, first you will see higher prices, after prices can no longer be raised you will see the demise of retail. We have to make a stand, we have to demand prosecution of thieves. We need long sentences for those who prey upon the weak. Rich and poor have to demand prosecution and conviction.

Think it can't happen hear? Look at Walgreens closing on Midlothian, CVS closing near the University, a dollar store just up the street. Our problems are mild compared to organized smash and grab in large cities, don't let it get a foothold here demand petty theft be prosecuted. 

In the end theives robb the entire community. Kevlar vests and AR's and a private security force is not the long-term answer, a community that demands law and order from its appointed justice department is. 

In the end theives Dan Rivers

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