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Doctor Ben Carson's name is slated to be removed from a Detroit School

Who could have seen this coming? A man that grew up in impoverished Detroit to a single mother who insisted he read books she could not, is now being dishonored. His sin, he served President Donald Trump as director of HUD. Dr. Carson's name is being removed from a school named after the famous Neurosurgeon.

I have interviewed Dr. Carson and attended his lecture at DeYor. Dr. Ben Carson is an example of the overachiever. He won a scholarship to Yale, attended The University of Michigan Medical School and was a celebrated neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins.  

His mother worked multiple jobs to provide for Dr. Carson and his brother. She instilled in him the belief that anything was possible because you live in America. She forgot to say except to be honored by your constituents. The people of Detroit should step forward and stop the removal of Dr Carson's name.

At a time when students are failing and unable to even read the instructions on common products, the Detroit Board of Education has decided to dishonor Carson. The reverend Franklin Graham said not only should his name be on the school, but on many schools for his achievements. 

If the point is to punish Donald Trump, that is misplaced because Trump was the first president to step up and provide long term contributions to Americas Historic Black university. Trump funded them for the future. I wonder if the people making the decision even bothered to review the accomplishments of Dr Ben Carson. 

Dr. Carson an American success story and a man of color but more importantly a man of achievement and integrity. Dr. Carson should be upheld as an example of what can be accomplished in the United States. A country where anyone can be president or a Neurosurgeon. Instead, Dr. Carson is dishonored by the ignorance of the Detroit School board.

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