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The firing of Ricky Morrison

Ricky Morrisons firing in Mahoning County appears to be un-just to say the least. The Headlines, "Mahoning County Janitor fired for no apparent reason." Morrison, a janitor who appeared to be doing the job assigned was suddenly fired but by whom and why? 

At least one of the commissioners appears to have apologized to Morrison for the firing. My guess was that it was Anthony Traficanti. The commissioners appear to be blaming Audrey Tillis, the County administrator, for the hatchet job. Mahoning County prosecutor Gina Degenova investigated and said it was Tillis and the firing was not proper. She defended the firing but voided it because the administrator does not have the authority to fire Morrison. Morrison has subsequently been re-hired.

and will she state the reason for his dismissal? If Morrison had to be fired would the commissioners give a plausible reason for the separation.

Regetti, Ditzler, Trafficanti Tillis and Degenova know how the firing was imitated. The more blame is deflected the more interested the public will become. Will your public servants state what really happened in a public forum, or will they retreat and say employee relations cannot be discussed?

What we know so far is what Candidate Geno Defabio has told 570 WKBN. DeFabio indicates his longtime friend Ricky Morrison, working as a janitor, in the Mahoning County Court House was fired for being associated with Defabio, a political opponent of Regetti. We have been told Morrison was a good employee and fired for reasons unstated.

Morrison and his attorney have said little, likely keeping their powder dry if the firing becomes a lawsuit against the county. The 3 commissioners, prosecutor and administrator can put this incident behind them, by simply saying what actually happened. 

The public long have been critical of the patronage in Mahoning County and will be interested to see county officials tell the whole truth about what happened. The footnote to this story is that Ricky Morrison is said to be receiving treatment for Cancer and would have without medical benefits if the firing had stood. 

If it turns out Morrison was fired for his support of Defabio, the public needs a full accounting of how that can happen as a clear violation of his first amendment rights. As ugly as this story appears, only the truth of what really happened will satisfy the public.

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