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Tonight, I don't know my country.

Just a glance at the TV news and I have to turn to the 49ers game. What the hell is happening to our country? Do people even know the true suffering that is occurring in the city of El Paso Texas? Thousands of migrants overflow into the streets with no means of caring for themselves. Children sleeping on the December sidewalks because the border patrol is so overwhelmed, they have no way to even provide for their basic needs. 

Meanwhile thousands more are poised to enter the country as Title 42 ends in a few days. Does Biden even know the sufferering he has caused? Human beings sleeping on the streets of Texas in the winter, and he ignores the problem. His administration led by Alejandro Mayorkas essentially told migrants worldwide, come to America we are wide open. Now it's 5 million and counting in less than two years. This is an evil administration. 

In March Biden told the world Russia would pay for the invasion of Ukraine with crippling sanctions. The sanctions have hurt Europe and the United States, Russia just experienced its largest trade surplus since 2016. The Ruble is strong and in Moscow the store shelves are as stocked as modern American Giant Eagles.

power. It might be too late for America. in view of all I said, Americans still voted for democrat candidates like John Fetterman and dismissed a Cardiologist in Dr Oz. If you're not seeing it, you can't be looking. Every day this country is losing its clout. Yes, we are still 30 trillion in debt too.  The Southern border is being overwhelmed with migrants from El Salvadore to Nicaragua. We are seeing 10 and 12 hour waits in emergency rooms, yes in sleepy underpopulated Youngstown. Imagine what Philadelphia is like if you have chest pains. We have sent nearly 90- billion to Ukraine and have idiot congressman saying we have to draw a line in the snow, making it our war. Where the hell is Germany, Poland, Great Britain? Why the United States treasury, where we have to borrow 4 cents out of every dime we spend? Look at the stupidity of the Russian sanctions, Wholey owned by the brainiacs in the Biden Administration.

Russians have never had more food on the shelves or money in their pocket. You know what the sanctions have done? They have cut off Netflix and Spotify. Upwardly mobile Russians may be restricted from some vacation spots in the world. Meanwhile we have emptied our Strategic Oil reserves to artificially push the price at the pump down in the USA. The damage that Biden has done to our country is incalculable. It is unfortunate that so many of you turned off the news and watched the 49ers game because you can no longer accept the foolishness. I have to admit I joined you. This administration is devastating America. 

While I am venting, there are idiot Republicans who can't stand Kevin McCarthy and may make him do the dog and pony show to gain the right to be speaker. If the Republicans screw up the only majority they have, I don't know who can save us from the Biden administration.

The American labor participation rate is in the tank, with more and labor sitting on the sidelines and collecting checks rather than take a job beneath their dignity. With all that has occurred, Ukraine, the borders, Fentanyl deaths, overwhelmed emergency rooms, Covid still in the picture, teasing Nuclear War it's hard to think of Christmas. 

With all I have said, in California the big news was a hearing on reparations for African Americans. Witness after witness saying they would settle for no less than payments in gold. They said something about thousands of Troy ounces of Gold. The $ 250 thousand dollars for anyone with a drop of African blood is not enough. Are they trying to drive a wedge between the races? You've likely heard, no benefits for White Americans who are in need, I thought we ended discrimination.

On nights like this I don't know my country. To top off the night Joe Biden announces an initiative where the United States will gift the continent of Africa with Solar Panels. I assume to run their Electric cars, where many from the African continent would be thrilled with a Detroit gas guzzler. Did I mention the 49ers look good. I need a vacation.

Dan Rivers

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