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Texas spends 4 Billion on migrants

What will the Biden spokesman Jean Pierre say today? Two days ago, she said the Biden administration has reduced illegal border crossings by 90 per cent.

Last night we learned Franciso Oroopesa crossed into the United States 5 times illegally, before killing a family of Five because they asked him to stop shooting his rifle and disturbing their peace. 

I am not optimistic that much will happen. In my small circle one family was watching the hockey game, another the Guardians, the other not watching TV while last night manhunt concluded. 

Could it be that the silent majority really does not understand that Joe Biden willfully allowed 6 million illegal aliens into the United State in 27 months as president?

Is it possible that the silent majority does not see blanket after blanket laid out on the streets of Brownsville Texas as illegal aliens overwhelm almost every Texas city.

It is shameful what New York Mayor Eric Adams said yesterday. He leveled all blame for the immigration problem on Governor Greg Abbot saying the governor willfully directed the illegal aliens to cities like Denver, Chicago, New York all with Black mayors.

Adams essentially accused Abbot of racism for dumping illegal aliens on Black run cities. Think about how he reasons, the illegal alien problem is a Texas issue. Keep the Illegal aliens out of New York and he is fine with major Texas cities being overwhelmed. Texas has spent 4 Billion on aide to illegal aliens so far this year. 

It is breathtaking that the Biden administration continues to function with the crisis of our lifetime on our doorsteps and one created entirely by them. The Border was not at issue after 4 years of the Trump administration.

As an American I search my soul as to why our own government would turn on the American people? Liberal or conservative, how can you stand by while your country is overwhelmed with migrants from around the world.

It's only logical that foreign governments are reveling in our misery. Think of it this way, Texas just spent 4 billion on migrants from other sovereign countries. 

What could we have done with 4 billion dollars? Perhaps mitigating the suffering of thousands of Americans sleeping nightly on cold pavement. Those thousands include many who served our country and were separated honorably from the military. Upon discharge, they found themselves homeless.

I keep coming back to the number that Texas governor Abbot has said it has cost Texas this year. Four Billion dollars by the way that is four thousand million dollars. Money that is gone, used for plane tickets, clothing, food, cell phones and essentials for life. This money waw spent on people from other countries, while our own national shame includes people camping on the lawn of Union Station a mile or two from the Whitehouse.

Think about the improvement that could have been made in Seattle or Portland if just 20 million was allocated for in patient care for the mentally ill occupying their streets. In at least one case in Seattle a homeless encampment is set up at the edge of a school yard and they have put up a fence to shield the children from the view of the homeless.

Biden's policy makes no sense, in addition to 4 billion spent in Texas, New York is housing migrants from foreign countries in the most expensive real-estate in America.

I have no idea why Biden and his leadership such as Senators Chuck Schumer, Senator Dick Durbin and others have allowed this to happen on their watch. 

4 Billion spent on souls from other countries while their own constituents live in poverty or worse. Look no further than the streets of Youngstown and you will see real need. 4 Billion dollars, how far could that have gone in creating startup homes and neighborhoods to replace our depleted housing Stock?

Could we create a $100 Thousand dollars starter home neighborhood? We could create 40 thousand $ 100 thousand dollar homes. Imagine if you divided it up and just did a thousand homes in 40 cities. Now imagine creating 40 new neighborhoods in our most impoverished towns and making the 100 thousand dollars a low-cost loan predicated on the owners Swett equity? 

Why are we so willing to spend billions on migrants from around the world and never think of our own impoverished and lending them a hand up. 

We have been blessed with so much in this country and we seem to have a bunch of ninnies running it. Imagine again if you will, 4 billion spent in Texas alone on migrants that should have been spent on Americans. 

Most Americans have no idea how they are being sold out. The Biden administration brought on the immigration crisis. They own it and they are depending on the lion's share of Americans continuing to watch Hockey, Baseball and depend on Judge Judy for her wisdom. God help us.  

I am sorry this has happened to America, because I know what we could be, and it will likely never be realized. I search for answers on why the democrats would have done this to their own country and I can't figure it out. Thinking out loud, democrats must care about America as much as I do yet they continue to support an administration that sells them out daily and welcomes migrants from around the world, while ignoring their citizens problems.

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