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We pull the plug on Uncle Sam Thursday

For many years, I have been talking about the danger that mass immigration poses to our country. It was always an issue that most Ohioans and Pennsylvanians disregarded. 

Disregarded because, we were watching the border and the amount of people coming across border were absorbed in California and Texas. It was an issue for all but manageable up until the Biden Administration. 

We are about to see what crazy looks like. Thousands of young adult men are poised on the border of the United States and about to bum rush the turnstiles when Title 42 expires and lifts covid restrictions on Thursday. 

Jean Piere, the president's spokesman, has nothing to work with. The zealots who want mass immigration, daily put her in front of the press with no defense or even a plausible answer as to why the president would do this to America? 

You must see by now, the people who are running the corrupt enterprise know that America will be overrun by young men 18 to 34. They will celebrate their arrival and have no intention of saving the America you built. 

Those of you who chose Joe Biden have been screwed over, but you screwed over the entire country too. Biden's spokesman is a like a metronome always saying the Senate and the house have turned their back on immigration reform. However, it is not true. 

Joe Biden with the stroke of the pen could have extended Title 42 indefinitely, and suspended asylum until the order was restored. The man you democrats voted for has no intention of either. You are being sold out by a movement that is bigger than Joe Biden. That movement has its sight set on the destruction of the place we call home. 

Biden's popularity has shrunk to the lowest numbers since newspapers have been tracking them and he doesn't care. He won't stop the invasion of America. 

Just to give you first-hand knowledge, a dear friend had to lobby hard to get his wife into triage while she was bleeding profusefully. The emergency room was crowded with migrants from around the world.

I will bet if you were completely honest you never would have voted for the chaos that is about to visit the United States. However nearly 80 million did and It appears it is too late in the game for a reprieve, Biden will turn the keys to the kingdom over to the 3rd worlds young men Thursday. 

I don't want to be too dramatic, but we are bringing people in that will compete in the workplace and drive wages lower when large companies are already laying off.

To our black friends, notice what black communities are saying in Chicago. "Joe Biden you are treating people from all over the world better than you are treating the black community in Chicago." Joe Biden is turning his back on the Black community, and they see it. 

Joe does not care, he could end amnesty, he could keep "Title 42" He could restore "remain in Mexico, but he won't. He will give each new migrant a cell phone, sneakers, workout uniform, a plane ticket and an indefinite stay at the W hotel. When is the last time you Biden voters stayed a luxury hotel.

I feel like this is funeral for a great man "Uncle Sam" is on life support and Thursday Joe Biden pulls the plug.

Dan Rivers

570 WKBN

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