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Joe Biden addresses graduates from Howard University

Shamefully, President Joe Biden spoke at Howard university and said the greatest fear in this world is the burgeoning White Supremacy movement. 

Joe Biden is lying about America to take the attention away from the real issues. Homelessness within blocks of the Whitehouse, Washington street cafe's that are no longer safe. New York Subways that have become more dangerous by the day.

There are so many reasons to be grateful for living in America and Joe Biden peddled fear of the White Man, which he is one. You could tell the graduates of Howard were not buying it. Some held signs saying so. 

These young men and women achieved a college education and were there to celebrate their achievement. Joe Biden offered nothing but fear. It's all Biden has. Biden told the graduates to be fearful of an imaginary boogey man. He seems hell bent on destroying the greatest democracy the world has known.

In 27 months, he has allowed more than 6 million illegal aliens into the United States and enriched the enemy of state on our doorsteps. Joe Biden has facilitated the evil deeds of the drug cartels peddling death to American Fentanyl users. 

The Cartels already flush with drug money, have found an economy of scale that may rival their chief product- illegal drugs. The human trade is $ 20,000 dollars per head for Mexicans and Central Americans. It can go as high at $ 50,000 per head for those with means such as Chinese escapees from the communist PRC.

Joe Biden created an economy of scale for terrorists on our doorsteps. The Cartels took what Biden gave them. As a democrat candidate for president, he called for aliens to flood the border and demand political asylum. Joe Biden would have the students of Howard believe White Supremacy has caused the border surge.

Joe Biden is rationalizing the flood of migrants at our border as if they have been persecuted, by White Supremacy. He cancelled all Trump era executive orders that provided a secure orderly border. 

Those students at Howard, and likely some living in dangerous neighborhoods, are being overlooked. Dollars that could have been used to up-grade their neighborhoods, educate, and employ African Americans are now going to house illegal aliens who are non-citizens. 

I have great sympathy for the migrants, but we cannot bring millions to the United States while ignoring the plight of our own marginalized citizenry. African Americans living in dangerous neighborhoods should be outraged that they are not treated as well as migrants. 

The legacy media does not question Bidens statements on White Supremacy, so I count on those students of Howard to see the self-evident lies. Homelessness, dangerous neighborhoods are everywhere and your hometown.

Joe Biden is spending millions on illegal aliens who have no right to take your precious resources. Each and every one of you should be enraged. 

I often wonder what happened to Joe Biden. Has he been captured by Alien beings from another world and programmed to destroy America? Joe 

Biden must be self-hating. Biden took the occasion of a joyous event at Howard to condemn the country that has offered more hope and upward mobility to all peoples around the world hands down. 

Look at the achievement of President Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Clarence Thomas, Hakeem Jefferies, Labron James, Lloyd Austin, Collin Powell, Denzel Washington, Maya Angelou, Jamel Tito Brown, Herb Washington, Jay Williams and thousands of successful Americans. The list is voluminous, and Joe Biden should have made the point.

A racist, White Supremist nation we are not. Why Joe Biden persists in this lie is not clear. 

Joe Biden is an outlier, nothing in his career indicated he would do anything but govern from the center. 

Not only did Joe move from the center he has taken the United States on a dangerous path which makes us an easy target for our enemies. Joe Biden has weakened the nation not only by his hatred of all that is white, but he is intent on spending our nation into bankruptcy. 

We have to raise the debt ceiling to avoid default and Joe Biden is going to Japan. No worry, he is cutting the trip short, he will be back Sunday to continue negotiations. Do not cower, Kevin McCarthy is on the Right side. Biden and the Dems are wrong. 

The United States needs to raise the amount of bonds we sell and pay interest on, to make our payroll. To ballpark McCarthy's plan, he wants less future spending, so we don't have to do this same exercise of raising the debt ceiling in the near future. You know he is doing the right thing, but Biden's position is that you cannot interfere with the money he is programmed to spend in the inflation reduction bill. 

The part that is so frustrating and makes you wonder why everyone's goal wouldn't be McCarthy's? Cut unnecessary spending to save the republic. If we were deficit spending to wage a war against a rabid foe, I would be right there with you. Spending as we did during World War 2 was necessary, today's spending is wasteful. 

No, we are deficit spending to continue to send money to foreign adversaries that hate us but still take our money. We are spending to pay able bodied Americans not to work. 

I think giving covid money to every subdivision in America was a bad idea. I think the expose channel 21 just completed on City Schools. 

Kevin McCarthy is trying to stop the bleeding, but Biden will blame McCarthy for having the temerity to ask for cuts rather than signing off on more IOU'S.

What me worry about the Republic's survival? We are somewhat insulated in Northeast Ohio. We are essentially an anomaly. We can be somewhat complacent and think the entire world enjoys the best pizza on the planet for $ 15 dollars a pie. 

Most valley residents likely think everyone can drive to Walmart, Lowes, Target and Home Depot within 15 minutes. You probably take for granted you can leave the Covelli Center after watching the Phantoms beat the Force and be home to watch Gutfeld. 

You have to organize. We have a loyal audience, but there is more work to be done. You need to educate whenever you get the opportunity. You have to engage with folks and show them how wrong those are that want to destroy America. 

Not to belabor the issue, but their appears to be a force that is working against America. is it Satan? If that's the case, we need to pray for God's intervention, but I know God would want us to push back and tell the truth about those who are destroying what you have built.

When you engage your neighbors, I think most will understand the precious status that kids enjoy. You can start with relating the story of a drag show this past weekend where kids were present and female impersonators performed before some that were likely 7 or younger and encouraged them to Twerk. 

You would think kids would be kept from 'Drag Shows' yet there seems to be an agenda to normalize drag shows for kids.

This is an area where you can find common ground with neighbors. Almost everyone can relate to protecting children. You can seize the opportunity to educate neighbors in the protection of children. You don 't need to exaggerate or oversell just make them aware of what is happening to the land of the free. 

Talk about President Joe Biden and his speech telling the graduates of Howard University that the biggest obstacle to success is White Supremacy. Most will not have heard about his speech. Let your neighbors know that Kevin McCarthy is attempting to preserve the Republic by stopping government waste.

Tell your neighbors you support legal immigration to the United States, and we continue to process 1.1 million applicants per year who apply for the right to come to America. Tell them what has happened to America under Biden. 

Tell them Joe Biden stopped the Constuction of a border fence and asked people from all over the world to come to America and ask for asylum. Remind them that more than 6 million have done just that.

Tell your neighbors that those wanting to come to America could do so by filing paperwork for entry into the United States like so many have, but the current group has pushed to the head of the line aided by drug cartels. Tell them about the Cartels and how they will require the illegal aliens to send money to the Cartels for many years in order to pay the 20 thousand per head required. Their wages do not stay in America.

Remind them that many of our own poor people will remain in poverty and will not get the same help the illegal aliens will receive. Let them know you are glad to help the aliens in the country they reside in and have supported missions in the past, if that's the case. 

While you still have their attention tell them how Biden has attempted to degrade Russia by insisting that Ukraine fight a protracted war in which thousands of Ukrainians have been killed. While you support the people of Ukraine, a peace settlement should have been brokered by the Biden administration. Biden could have insured Vladimir Putin Ukraine would never become a NATO nation. 

I have given you a lot, you might need more than one conversation, but this is important. While you support the technology of Electric Cars it should not be forced. Tell them about how wealthy car buyers are taking $ 7,500 dollar subsidies to buy electric cars that you will never qualify for.

Tell them, the government is subsidizing the Windmill industry along with the Solar Farms cropping up all over the Midwest. Tell them you support the integration of Wind and Solar into our energy matrix, but you want them to compete with the reliable gas and oil we already enjoy. 

If you have any more energy, tell them you understand the right to choose, aborting a baby after 15 weeks in the womb puts the United States in the same category as North Korea, Russia and China. For the most part, the enlightened world abhors abortion after a heartbeat can be detected. 

Also, just in case they were not aware the reason Roe V Wade was stricken was because it was not discussed in our constitution, which makes it unconstitutional to be administered by the federal government. It was referred to the state, where the people of the state can decide on the legality of abortion and set up criteria.

I wonder how many of you know a white supremacist.? If I challenged you to name one, I doubt you could. I can't get it off my mind that President Joe Biden would push an agenda that is hard to corroborate. In fact, I think it's self-evident that White Supremacy does not exist to the point it would be talked about at a graduation. 

By the way the name most people would come up with is David Duke who was last heard from in 1989. Pragmatic people long dismissed Duke as they have the dinosaurs from the fringe movement.

Dan Rivers 

570 WKBN

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