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Kid Rock brings 20 thousand to downtown Youngstown.

Saturday was likely the largest crowd ever in downtown Youngstown. Wouldn't that story alone warrant coverage of the Kid Rock event? I Watched channel 21 at 6 Sunday and figured there would at least be a follow up story to the show. I checked 21's Websight and scrolled all the way to the death of Sinead O'Conner and could not find a mention of Kid Rock. Me thinks the legacy media does not like the Trump loving Kid Rock.

I stayed with the Newscast and learned the faltering Pirates' beat the Phillies. Great I give the Pirates score and schedule daily too. The newscast went on after having led with a Canfield Football preview, again great stuff, but not a mention of Cleveland shutting out Chicago and splitting the weekend series? Now that is a slight, Cleveland, only gets credit for the win on the crawl. What, we are still in Ohio right? 

Normally I don't comment about the media, but no story on 20,000 thousand in downtown Youngstown is media malpractice. Could it be that Kid Rock does a speech at the end of his show and thanks those veterans who died in service to country? Is it possible the woke media disagrees with Kid Rock having President Trump do a two-minute video clip at the end of his show?  

Bingo, the left, couldn't stand Kid Rock because he had the crowd shouting "Let's go Brandon" for 10 minutes while the crowd waited for "Born Free". By the way the show started with the customary "Take me home country roads" with most of the 20 thousand singing the John Denver classic, off key of course, but it was incredible fun. 

Kid Rock is an entertainer who performed until 11:30, about 30 minutes longer than most artists. Maybe 21 covered the show Saturday night and I missed it. One caller told me Kid Rock did not issue credentials to the legacy media, but 20 thousand downtown is remarkable. Youngstown's Wean Park is on the same concert Tee Shirt that lists tour dates such as Nashville and Dallas Fort worth. Saturday was a big deal.  

Kid Rock is loud, offensive and entertaining, and he has pissed off the left by saying he is un-cancelable. He got tired of the general BS the record producers demand, just like most Americans and has said, he will produce his own music. He is the publisher and will not bow down to the Hollywood Kingmakers. For that Kid Rock is off limits to the left. There are plenty of others who have gone around the media, one of my favorites is "Cody Jinks", no radio play but very popular. Coming to the Canfield Fair is Coe Wetzel. Coe is performing Sunday night at the fair, another product of the independent Texas Music scene. There are others too, Warren Zeiders, Zak Bryan, America wants its country music back.

How big was this past weekend? I walked into the Double Tree Hotel and the first two couples I met said they were here from Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Hotels in Boardman were booked, and my guests had to go to North Lima for lodging. What has occurred in Youngstown in the last 5 years is nothing short of a miracle. We don't have a facility to match Rocket Mortgage in Cleveland, but we still brought in Kid Rock. The last time I saw Kid Rock was at Blossom with 25 thousand fans. What happened Saturday was big time. Not to mention TSO, which normally only plays in 18 to 20 thousand seat arenas. They did two shows last year in Youngstown.

Yes, I understand not everyone is enamored with concerts, and I might do two or three a year. However, 20 thousand is a lot of butts in seats. Concerts show a vibrance in the community- celebrating together. It's a big deal and something towns our size doesn't normally see. 

Local sightings at the Kid Rock Show, included Judge Scott Krichbaum, Lowellville Mayor Jim Induicano Trumbull Commissioner Denny Maloy, Chamber president Guy Coviello, YSU basketball Coach Jerod Calhoun, YSU Coach Doug Philips, and Penguin special assistant Rocco Nolfi. Rocco is making the Penguin collective go. I also saw John Arnold from our business show on Monday's. 

Late into the Kid Rock show, I ran into Eric Ryan, his wife, and son Jordan. The only thing I could say is "How did you do it"? I also thought who is going to clean this all up? 

Head basketball coach Jerod Calhoun said they are none too happy with him at Northern Kentucky as Calhoun was able to pry two seven footers away and have them join the Penguins in Youngstown. Calhoun told me he thinks this year's team may be faster and run more than last year's if that is possible. I think we came within a whisker of losing coach Calhoun to West Virginia. When that day comes, we will thank him for what he did for Youngstown and bless his future endeavors. What coach Calhoun has done, in Five years is take Youngstown from the bottom half of the Horizon league to winning the championship. 

I think we are lucky to still have coach Philips for football as he has caught the attention of big-time programs too. Youngstown is like the Guardians, enjoy the personnel while they are here. By the way kick off the football season with Vindy's in the M81 parking lot August 19th at 5:30 Call the YSU ticket office for information. 

For those of you that didn't attend the concert, they backed the stage up to South Avenue. The biggest stage that can be assembled towered over the lot with the Lazer show strategically oriented to bounce off the Market street Bridge. Two huge screens on either side of the stage and one just beyond the mixing board for the lawn seats. 

No long beer or water lines as people brought cash and they did away with the pouring of draft beer. Plenty of places to deposit the beer and pop after you run it thru your kidneys too. Does anyone keep track of fluid given back and where do they dump the waist? 

The Show ended at 11:40 and people were buzzing on the way to the parking lot. Youngstown police and Mahoning Country deputies quickly emptied the parking lots, it was another successful Y live. 

The only criticism or even suggestion would be to elevate the area where the stage sits for more visibility for the lawn seats. After all most people are on the lawn. As I have written in past articles, this is a remarkable feat to bring 20 thousand downtown for a single-day concert. Some of my family joined me for the concert too.

Lee Brice was on just before Kid Rock and was a good intro to Kid with his award-winning song "I drive your truck" Brice has become a local favorite with nearly a dozen number one hits. He related how he married a Youngstown girl. Brice, has become a huge concert draw with a nice tie to Youngstown. His Father-in-law is Tom Reavley, of Team office. 

I could not tell you much about Buck Cherry except they seemed to have loyal fans and their bodies are a testament to skilled tattoo artists. Lead singer Josh Todd doesn't' have much area to work with on his canvas. The artwork is worth seeing. His entire back is dedicated to the King of Hearts. 

As I have written in my previous opening argument, the valley changed when JAC management took over the entertainment management for Covelli, Wean, Packard and the Canfield Fair. Eric Ryan and now his son have a vision for a valley that was all but forgotten. Now we have another reason to be proud of our town, men, thank you.

Dan Rivers

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