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Dan Rivers

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Can we get to the point?

Don't you wish people would get to the point. We all understand that more than 5 million illegal aliens have come into the United States and are fanning out over the nation and people who know say around 7,000 have landed in Youngstown. 

So, we all know this, can we get to the point. We know how to protect borders. Our military protected Iraq from Iranians trying to sneak in IED's. We successfully stopped much of the weapons. Can we get to the point, seal the border, soldiers' arm to arm in the short term. Stop the importation of people and drugs now.

Get to the point, can we go back to stop and chat. Get the people off the streets who are carrying a firearm under disability. Find out what they are doing? We know they are carrying guns because of the body count. Police we have your back, stop and chat, it works.

We have reports that Hansen's disease or Leprosy is reported in America. Get to the point. If this was Covid we would have gotten to the point and found out the origin. The CDC says 95 per cent of humans are immune to the bacteria that causes the disease. Why is this ancient disease now found in Florida? We deserve better. How many other 3rd world diseases should we expect?

Homelessness, get to the point. Take one percent of the money being given to Ukraine and build millions of hooch's. Bring in the Seabees. Hell, we could build a 12-man hooch in a couple hours. On a good day we could add a four-hole crapper. Yes, there is nothing like sitting in a four-hole crapper with a full house. Believe me, I have seen it and done it. The next day we took diesel fuel and burnt the residuals. 

Get to the point. How many Hooch's could you build in a moderate climate and house people in dignity? I don't care where you are going to put it but get it off the streets of the U. S. Duh here is an idea, the streets are for walking, shopping driving, commerce not sleeping. 

Get to the point. Pick a place, I am thinking somewhere in California, it's nice there almost every day. Not to extreme, set up thousands of hooch's. Segregate them Men, women and children. Hospitals, mental hooch's. Now staff it with drug counselors, Doctors, Nurses and educators. It's not rocket science.

Get under the hood and find out who these people are? Why are they on the streets? Pay the workers well, get the homeless off the street. You can't live on the street, but you can live in a hooch or a jail, your choice? Yes, you will have food and shelter, but no illegal drugs. We will help you regain your way but it's not going to be on our streets. Why is this hard? It's not if you get to the point. 

This is an investment that America, who the hell is in charge anyway? You can't make people move off the streets, so you let them sleep on them? Why is that allowed and passes for being humane? I am tired of the BS argument we can't do anything to violate one's rights. Hell, they violate our rights every day. 

My idea would be widely supported, take my offer to live in a hooch or you are going to jail. You are not living on our streets. Those who refuse help will be jailed for trespassing. Let's start building jails now. They will be run by robots because if you are in jail, you are not fit to have humans care for you. You can get out anytime you want, just report to the hooch's and get help to become a productive citizen.

Start building the robot run prisons now. Humans should not have to babysit idiots who will not live with mankind in peace. I could go on but let get it done and get to the point. People love AI so much, turn it over to the robots, here's your cell, here's your food. Don't like it, try my offer of free rent in the Hooch.

Stand down ACLU, you are obsolete, the street people are violating hard working American's rights everyday by encroaching on their neighborhoods, openly using drugs and defecating on our streets. It's time to get to the point. 

Dan Rivers 

570 WKBN

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