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Trump 4th indictment

I have never been that guy who thinks only Donald J Trump can fix our "Biden Blues" . In fact, I have said nice things about Ron Desantes and Vivak Ramaswamy. 

I have never been big on one person being bigger than the organization. Tucker is gone, Fox continues to dominate. We can all be replaced. Donald Trump has the track record that most conservatives envy, because he has list of accomplishments, North Korea, ISIS, NATO, the economy and border security.

While we could argue about his accomplishments, one only has to look at the border and the drug cartels dominance in Fentanyl to prove complete and willful incompetence by the Biden administration. 

Furthermore, I would argue a Trump presidency may have a rough row to hoe due to Biden Blunders. You know you never want to be that guy they're betting the house on. Biden has left such a trail of destruction in spending it could finally crush the indestructible United States, Trump or other.

What I am trying to say is I am not that guy that thinks only Donald Trump can save us, and I was willing to let the primaries play out. 

After today, I think we all have recognized that democracy itself is under attack. In our storied history we have never indicted a president. In fact, the founding fathers do not talk about indictment of a president in the Constitution for fear of decapitating our government. 

We are going thru the motions just like Joe Stalin did. The appearance of a trial, but the fate is already determined. People of America, you already know what's going on. You may hate Trump for personal reasons, but your country is now at stake. 

We have a radical base of democrats who believe we can act a banana Republic because it is Trump. This is out of character for American Justice. This behavior has always been widely panned by Americans and we openly criticized the show elections for Russian Oligarch's. In Trumps case, he is so despicable to the left, that democrats are willing to court totalitarianism. 

Remember the world is littered with governments that have voted in Tiereny. Once it is in, it ends with bloodshed rather than the ballot box. 

The state of Georgia is now attempting to indict a sitting president, and they have no standing as the case of the president is a Federal matter. Will the case reach the Supreme court, or will Georgia get it's show trial and Stacy Abrams ascend to her throne?  

Georgia is likely to charge Trump with asking the governor to find 12,000 votes, or did Trump say, how many votes do we need. Remember at the time it was questionable how many votes were legal or still outstanding? Does it have to mean Trump said find me 12,000 votes?

Think about what we currently know, whistle blowers have said they were thwarted at every turn in the investigation of Hunter Biden. 

Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan have proffered that the Biden family was enriched by 20 million during Joe's Vice presidency. They have also suggested the Chinese sent them 8 million. Yet there is no interest in the hearings that McCarthy has held by the news media. Yes, even with credible witnesses. My burning question 'what did the Biden family have for sale"? What is their commodity or expertise?

Americans see the two-tier justice system, the attorney General indicts Donald Trump and appoints a government insider to probe the Hunter Biden Case, which would likely lead to the Biden Family. David Weiss is a government employee, working for the Biden administration and he has been appointed to investigate Hunter Biden. 

As I said I am not that guy, who says only Trump can do the job, but it should be apparent to all that the Democrats are so afraid that Donald Trump will run and win re-election they are determined to drag him thru one trial after another to prevent his second term. 

Think about it, especially if you are a democrat, for the first time in our history we have indicted a president. It just happens to be Donald Trump who pointed out the fake news media and their friends like Adam Schiff that lied about Trump and his Russian Connection for all the years of his presidency. 

My thinking was Donald Trump had a great presidency and we were all better for it. Biden is a disaster and almost anyone the Republicans run will beat Biden and Harris has not a shot. After going thru that scenario, I have allowed myself to think out loud, we need to turn the page. Can we elect someone under 70 years of age? 

I can name dozens of capable conservatives, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Ron Desantes and on and on with the bench of the Republicans. 

I have thought, President Trump should step aside and become a kingmaker. 

Now that the democrats have unleashed hell on Trump, I am wondering where their hatred is derived. Surely there has to be democrats that see these 4 indictments of a former president as outrageous. 

It makes little sense, a billionaire runs for office late in life, touts America first, secures the border, become oil independent after years of dancing to the sheiks favorite tune " Black Gold ". 

What is the looney left afraid of? Trumps economy lifted all boats, things were working well in America. It was the most optimistic period since Ronald Reagan's America. 

Donald Trump caught the fancy of America by insisting on America first, with plenty of help for those around the world. He never turned his back on our allies. Yet a fringe group hated him, and they continue their war on Trump thru unprecedented indictments. Are you part of the left who has settled for a strongman government, commonly known as a banana Republic, where political opponents are jailed. 

I rationalized, move over Trump and endorse Ron Desantes, now I have come to believe he would be the next to be indicted. The left will go after anyone who has an America First agenda, because they don't believe in the goodness of America. They don't believe in the ideals set forth by our scholarly fathers. Freedom of Speech and the right to protect your family with a firearm.

It's hard to believe a majority of Americans are turning their backs on the ideals of America. It may be possible they control much of the means of communication and have skillfully spread their ideals thru willing media and left-wing professors. 

One would be crazy to not examine how the left has been able to sway so many against our founding fathers. Could it be that our colleges and government were undermined many years ago and results are just now being felt?

How can you explain so many young women returning home at Thanksgiving and their parents can no longer communicate with them. I point out women, because college aged women seem to have been radicalized by college more than the men and their numbers are more. Some families can no longer speak about important topics such as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

One final thought, as we await the 4th indictment of Donald Trump it's as if he is the worst criminal in American history. Rather than the man who made a point of fully funding historic black colleges and fixing the broken Veteran Administration. President Obama took numerous runs at both and failed each time. 

President Trump was on the verge of negotiating a deal that worked for both the U. S and China, yet he is being indicted. 

The irony of all is that Joe Biden showed up in Ukraine and made sure a prosecutor was fired and bragged about it. Donald Trump simply asked Ukraine to look into possible irregularities in its own government and he was impeached for doing so. 

Dan Rivers

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