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Dan Rivers Podcast for January 3, 2024

We have posted today's podcast, Struthers Mayor Kat Miller kicked off the show today with a report that the buildings on South side have been sold and Kevin Walsh and Eric Washenback are planning a complete remodel. The buildings, save for a 

Vape shop and health food store, have been an eyesore. Miller has big plans for the restoration of the city. 

Most of our show was Wildcard phone calls which is the plan each Wednesday. Typically, immigration is talked about but today I introduced a new topic- The Robert Kennedy platform. Kennedy released his plans via Twitter last Friday and stated he would ban Fracking. To paraphrase his position he wants plastics out of our landfills and would ban Fracking which is the base for many plastics. 

Fracking is also the energy generator for much of America and some say a Fracking ban would push oil prices to 150 per barrel. One thing is clear it would cripple Ohio and Pennsylvania energy which make him a non-candidate for me. 

We also touched on Governor Dewine's veto of the Trans bill. His animus is the ban on puberty blockers. My position is that I empathize with any family that is going thru the doubting of one's gender, but I would opt for Phytotherapy rather than Puberty blockers or surgery. I think waiting until the age of 18 is for either is reasonable. It also takes it off the table for parents. 

We did have people calling today about the value of Recyling, and doubting if all material is being re-used or if it's just a feel-good ruse. I will do a program on how items are re-used in the near future. My initial thought is to ban recyclable material from the waste stream and subsidize the re-use of materials. Until tomorrow at 9, have a great evening.


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